Back In Color & Made Just In Time

I was born in Boston. I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life. I still cannot get used to the weather!

This past week was freezing! Well, not literally, but it's been in the 60's during the day and 50's at night. I'd previously bought a lot of salad greens assuming that it was still summer, but nooooooooo. The weather changed and I was freezing eating salad. I even took out my winter pajamas! Last night I made soup and some corn muffins for a lunch that would finally warm me up. I had to cook quickly after work, so no photos or recipes for those. This food blogging thing takes a lot of time, so sometimes I make food and don't blog about it. I know. I'm so selfish.

Well of course since I made the soup, the humidity is rising and it's going to be in the 80's and 90's over the next few days. I'm not complaining. I'm glad the warmth is back and now I have some soup in my freezer. I did get in some more baking tonight though before the heat arrives tomorrow. I've had some strawberries in my refrigerator that had to be used or they were going to be tossed out within the next few days.

Last week I saw a recipe for Strawberry Bread on Ari's Blog, Baking & Books. I adapted the recipe just a bit. I used vanilla extract, because I didn't have almond, and I used one teaspoon. I put the strawberries in the blender and ended up with under a cup, so I added 1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt. The rest I kept the same. The batter is such a pretty pink and was quite tasty. This bread was really quick and easy to make.

In addition to looking at the recipe, look here at the fundraiser and raffle that Ari has on her blog. There's a lot happening over there and you could win cookbooks, but the raffle ends September 3rd so hurry! And there are some great articles about her here and here.

*Updated 11/19/2013* Ari's blog no longer exists and I've removed broken and now irrelevant links.

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karmic said…
Loved the food recipes, and it has indeed been some strange weather.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.
Asha said…
Chill in the air there! I would say you are lucky! We have 97F+ for more than 6 weeks now and rain is nowhere in sight! Sigh...little tiring,wish Fall will come soon.
Strawberry cake.Ahh!! Just the thought makes me crave for some.Looks yum with Almond on top.Have a great weekend, see you Monday:)
Suldog said…
Yeah, I came *this* close to turning on the heat the other night. I said to myself, "No, dammit, it's Summer. You would have loved this weather three weeks ago. Get a blanket."
CapCity said…
Weather is funny how it affects us, right? i don't control my own heat - but suldog can believe I had the covers piled on! Why didn't i just close the windows? Well, it's August & a few dayz earlier I was BEGGING for a breeze - couldn't let that good breeze go to waste! LOL!

I DID make my much anticipated soup, Anali - just poured in tomato paste, crushed tomatoes & a variety of veggies & was good - but not as hearty as I was hoping - tasted too much like an italian dish w/o the pasta. i LOVE italian food - but that wasn't what I was going for...guess I should add "less italian" 'herbs' to my spice rack. LOL!
Nance said…
Strawberries frustrate me. It's hard to get really good ones, and then they don't seem to last very long.

Today was horrible, weather-wise. Back to work in high humidity and raging heat. No A/C. Send cool thoughts to NE OH for Monday, Anali!! (Or some of that pretty bread.)
Cynthia said…
The temperatures playing games with you huh? :)
Anonymous said…
my mum always make bread but never like what u did..strawberry bread.i never taste it....
Anonymous said…
Tsiporah said…
Looks good...I need to bake more. I can cook just not much of a baker.
Suldog said…

Being such an ardent "foodie" you'll probably find my blog today interesting. I don't usually go and beg people to come read me, but in this case, I think you'd be disappointed if you didn't :-)

Tera said…
I can't believe it's been so cool there! Wow...I'm certainly not ready for that!
Dewey said…
Mmmm, that looks so good! Nance should get wild/garden strawberries if there's a farmer's market near her, because they're SO much more flavorful than the big store ones.
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - Thanks! I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

asha - This weather is so up and down! Saturday was so hot and humid and yesterday was hot but nice. Tonight there was a chill in the air!

suldog - I refuse to put on the heat until mid-September! And I read your hippo post today. Let's just say that you will never find a recipe for hippo or any other wild animals on any of my blogs!

capcity - I find that my first soup of the season usually needs some help too. Mine isn't bad, but I think it's too watery and I should have used crushed tomatoes instead of tomato puree.

nance - I agree about strawberries. It's hard to find good ones and even when you do, they're not good for long. That's why strawberry bread is so great! So now I have something to make when they are on their last leg.

cynthia - Yes and the games have just begun! Fall is a trip!
Lisa Johnson said…
anne - Welcome! This was the first time that I tried it too. This recipe is a definite keeper!

kaylee - I'm good! The weather here has been up and down again since I put up this post. I hope all is well with you since your move.

tsiporah - Thanks! I find that I have so much more fun baking than cooking! And my co-workers really liked the bread.

tera - It was super hot again, then warm and now a bit cooler tonight. This is New England weather.

dewey - Thanks! This bread was gone so fast! I couldn't believe it!
Lotus Reads said…
hi, Anali!!!

There's always something wonderful cooking on your blog! Did I tell you, my 12-year old went to culinary camp this summer? She spent two full weeks learning to grill and bake. She would love to learn how to make Strawberry Bread! It sounds most unusual to me, I can't say I have seen a recipe for Strawberry bread anywhere else!
Anonymous said…
Your bread looks gorgeous and I love the changes you made to the recipe! Maybe next time I make it I'll use vanilla extract and yogurt too.

Ari (Baking and Books)
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Hey girl! You've been a busy commenter! Thank you! ; )

No I didn't know that your daughter went to culinary camp! That sounds so fun!!! I thought the same thing when I saw the recipe, but I love strawberries, so how could it not be good. I'm so glad that Ari did her post!

ari - Thank you! You can see that your bread is a hit! I might make it again this weekend, when I mentioned it to my parents they said "Yum!" ; )

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