This Is Very Cool!

My ice cream maker is being worked like never before! Check out my lastest recipe on my other blog, And Razzleberry Dressing, on BoomerGirl.

*Updated 2/27/2013* Just found more dead links on this post, which have now been removed. Sorry to those of you who visit this page and find no recipe. Guess I need to make this again. The dead link situation is explained here.

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FH said…
Looks YUM!! Great for this weather!
I used my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for the first time 2 days ago and made two Ice Creams.I will never go out to BUY Ice Cream again!I will post next week:))
Tera said…
Anali when you start having Chefery (cooking and all those things in between-I made that word up) Classes, let me know where to sign up!
Anonymous said…
That looks very good! (And refreshing).
Looks delicious. What kind do you have? I waver between getting the Kitchen-Aid attachment, or a standalone.
Warda said…
Your ice cream looks so fresh. I saw your other blog and I wanted to say that I just love your smile.
Anonymous said…
yummmmmmmmmmmmmm doing okay i guess
Nance said…
I think I'm going to have to get an ice cream maker. I have an idea for lavender-honey ice cream...!
jac said…
Anali, looks yummy dear !
T. said…
I think I'll have to get an ice cream maker too! Mmm! Not to mention Christmas in the Clouds, since I can't get enough of Christmas and could use a "Christmas in July" fix right about now...
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - This was great when it was sooo hot outside! A very nice way to cool down. I can't wait to see your ice cream adventures too! ; )

tera - I like the word! : ) That would be fun to teach a class. Who knows what the future holds? I'll keep you updated!

dj black adam - It was! Notice past tense! : )

bipolarlawyercook - I have a Rival Gourmet Creamery. I found it on Amazon. See below to the left of this post. Order it here if you like! : )
Lisa Johnson said…
rose - Such sweet compliments! Thank you! ; )

kaylee - Take care!

nance - Lavender-honey sounds wonderful! Check out my ice cream maker to the lower left here on Amazon.

jac - Thanks cuz!

t - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! There's nothing like having homemade ice cream! I highly recommend my Rival Ice Cream maker. And you'll love this movie. It's a real feel good flick!
Cynthia said…
I only bought my ice cream maker about a month and a half ago and I too have been going crazy with it :)

Send me some of what you made nuh! :) and the fresh berries to go with it - heavenly.
Margie said…
I want some!
It looks so good!

Anali, it was so special to have your lovely visit!
Thanks so much!

How are you enjoying your summer?
I'm just heading on a long hike and bike ride with my hubby.
It's such a beautiful day here, and we don't want to waste it!
Before we know the summer will be over.

Take care!

CapCity said…
i think i need to make that 4 hour drive to Boston, Anali! this looks delish!
Lisa Johnson said…
cynthia - I had it for a couple of years and never used it. What a waste!

margie - It's nice to see your lovely poems again! The summer has been busy and I'm going to Chicago in a couple of days!

capcity - If you decide to make the trip, I'll make sure I have ice cream! ; )
amisha said…
that picture is so delectable! it is time to start cranking up my ice cream maker again, especially because it is SO incredibly hot here!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I can't imagine how hot it is there, but it is nice getting cooled from the inside out! ; )

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