The Cutest Search That Found Me

I look at my sitemeter far more than I should, but it supplies such interesting information. Some of the search terms that I see really amaze me. Some are definitely not looking for anything that they would find on my blog. They must be sadly disappointed.

I love it when I see that someone searched for something, found my blog, then just couldn't tear themself away! I've noticed that my blog turns up pretty high on searches for "food meme."

I just saw the cutest Google search that found me. They didn't stay on my blog for very long, which sometimes makes me kind of sad, but I thought it was funny anyway and would share it. Here it is below with some grammatical edits. I think it's one of my new favorite quotes!

"The cupcake shop was really selling muffins but I didn't have the heart to tell them."

It's kind of bittersweet. Is there some poor misguided cupcake business out there that is only selling muffins and the proprietor is silently wondering each day "Oh where or where did I go wrong?" I keep picturing this cute little bake shop in my head! I love muffins too, so it wouldn't bother me either way.

Just last week, I was thinking about the differences between a muffin and a cupcake. What makes a muffin a muffin and not a cupcake? I found interesting discussions here, here and here.

In my opinion, a cupcake is just regular cake batter put in a muffin pan and not a cake pan. Hmmm or should that be a cupcake pan? A muffin is a quickbread made in a muffin pan instead of a bread pan. I have no idea if any of these are correct. Does anyone want to chime in on this one? You just never know what a Google search will inspire.

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Tera said…
Why Anali, I've never really thought of it that way, but I do believe you're right!!!
Suldog said…
Hi, Anali:

Insofar as the difference between a cupcake and a muffin, I'd guess it pretty much comes down to sugar content. Of course, if it's frosted, it's a cupcake. I love 'em all, so call 'em anything you like, as long as I get to eat them.

On another subject: I had a comment left on my blog post from yesterday. I decided to go see if this person had a website. She does and as soon as I saw it, I thought of you. I think you might like it. She's a professional chef and cooking teacher.
Barkfoot said…
Here in England, what you call Muffins we call cupcakes. English muffins are flat and are similar to crumpet or pikelets. USA muffins are defined as a cake small enough to fit in the palm of an adult hand. Cupcakes were a 1800's invention and due to the lack of scales in the average home at that time, the measurement of one 'cup' was used, hence the name 'cupcake'.
Asha said…
Muffins are indeed fluffier and loose textured quick bread unlike dense cup cakes.I love Muffins for breakfast and keep cup cakes for 4pm snack!:D
Anonymous said…
Hehe, I'm also oddly fascinated by the search terms that bring people to my blog. And I agree, more often than not the query that sent them my way has nothing to do with a food blog!

Only another blogger can understand the stats obsession. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Anonymous said…
Stat counter can sho' nuff be like crack. I used to spend hours on it, analyzing and searching. Fortunately for me, now I focus on writing. But I still take a guilty peek. LOL
Cynthia said…
Like you, I think of cupcakes as regular cake batter in a muffin pan.
Nance said…
this definitely tells me i need a better sitemeter.
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - Interesting huh! ; )

suldog - The frosting does seem to be a big difference. Muffins tend to have more things in them too, like chopped nuts, dried fruits. I'll have to check that website! Thanks for thinking of me! ; )

barkfoot - Thanks for the history lesson! Most American baked goods are so gigantic nowadays. Both muffins and cupcakes are way bigger than they used to be.

asha - That is true about the texture. Muffins are crumbier, if that is a word! More crumbly?
Lisa Johnson said…
ari - I'm really trying to look at my stats less! It really is addictive!

sojourner g - LOL! I guess I should call it a crackmeter! I actually find myself saying, I'll only look twice a day, but then I'll rationalize it and keep checking.

cynthia - I think that's most people's school of thought.

nance - Then you'll be obsessed like me! ; )
plez... said…
this one is easy: a CUPCAKE has frosting and a MUFFIN doesn't!

...and watching the sitemeter became an obsession (at least 3 or 4 times an hour) while watching my daily average climb from 15 to 50... and for some reason it is now heading back to 15! *smile*
Lisa Johnson said…
plez - I agree about the frosting! And it's so sad to see the numbers drop. I have to just stop looking. : (

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