2007 & 1991 - How Things Have Changed

Unlike my last post, some things don't stay the same. In life, most things change eventually, which is great when things are not going so well, but not as good when things are humming along smoothly.

This first picture I took early this past Saturday evening. The light was just right and I had a bit of time to spare, so I figured it was the perfect time to get this shot. I wanted an updated picture of the one that I took back in 1991. I was inspired to take this second picture after reading this post. I stumbled upon this blog post about Sister Corita Kent and her art. I recognized the beautiful broad strokes of color and the name rang a bell. She's the one who painted the gas tank mural! She also designed the 1985 love stamp.

If you're not familiar with Boston, there used to be two gas tanks on the Southeast Expressway. Corita Kent, was a nun in Los Angeles who eventually left the sisterhood and moved to Boston. She pursued her passion for art and used it to promote peace. As always, there was also a bit of controversy surrounding the mural. Some said that you could see the image of North Vietnam's Communist leader Ho Chi Minh in the strokes of color.

I took this photo of the two gas tanks back in 1991. Back then, I would never have guessed that sixteen years in the future, I would scan the picture into my computer and post it on my blog.

I've always loved the painting on this gas tank. It's so bright and colorful and a joy to behold while dealing with many a polite and considerate Massachusetts driver. Also, it's so unnecessary and unexpected - a visual luxury. Beauty for the sake of beauty. What's better than that?

This makes me think of all those wonderful and unnecessary luxuries in life. In no way, do we need them to survive, but they make life so much better. I cannot number them by favorites, but here's a list of five of mine in doubles, so I guess there are ten.

1. paintings + photographs

2. cupcakes + ice cream

3. fresh flowers + herbs

4. scented candles + perfume

5. poetry + short stories

If you like this idea, consider yourself tagged and do a similar post. Please link to this post and pass along as a meme called Five Double Luxuries. Change it as you like. You know that I would! Do you think this could spread across the blogosphere?

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Asha said…
Life do change faster that we realize!!:))
Those gas tanks are huge!!
I will take up this tag ,it's very short and fun.I will link to you on Wednesday.Keep cool,it's HOT today.
I also remember how when the tank needed repainting, there was furor and outcry at the thought of painting the tank anything but as a "freshen up" job of the original artwork, unlike the protests when it was _first_ painted. Amazing what time does.
CapCity said…
Wow! Anali - just when i think i've got your themes "pegged" u go & prove that u can't fit any boxes:-). who would've EVER thought u'd make me aware of the art on GAS tanks!

reminds me of the fact that this past Sat. my latest interest (who is REALLY interesting;-)...gave me a rose from a convenience store. i generally scoff at those "cheap" roses wondering who actually buys them...but he's really sweet. when i really looked at the rose i was amazed at how truly perfect it was and commented aloud: Who would've thought that such a perfect rose would be found in a convenience store? My cutie's reply: "You have to know how to find beauty where ever u are."
AVIANA said…
i beg to differ....

all of those things you listed...we do actually need...

they all make us smile and feel good and feel pain when we don't have them.....hmmm...
Suldog said…
What I like about you, Anali, is that you search for the beauty. Some folks are always trying to find the dark side of things. You look for the light. It's refreshing and nice.
karmic said…
Yes it is all about change. This is a nice meme. Also do you see these tanks if you are coming down from Providence to Boston? I recall having see these, but I could be wrong.
wheresmymind said…
I totally believe the Ho Chi Minh, I've seen it!
amisha said…
love this post lisa. your list of 'necessary luxuries' is wonderful... it is true that maybe they are not the bread and butter but they make things lovely! you have a wonderful ability to see beauty all around you.
ps your grapefruit soap is ready and curing!!
Tera said…
I couldn't even begin to think of 5 double luxuries....hmmmm...Friday evenings + Merlot? Maybe that's a good start!

*It might take me a while to think of 5 before I consider a post! ;)
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Nice post and I love the pictures. It is interesting to see how things change over time, and even better when you can witness and document those changes as you have done. There are a series of books out based on major cities that show then and now pictures. I purchased one for Alexandria, Virginia where I reside and found that I walk past some pretty interesting places every weekend in Old Town Alexandria. One dated structure that still has some of the original brick from over a century ago used to be one of the largest slave trade companies on the east coast. Also, the city in which I live was one of the first cities where free slaves settled and founded communities – well I could ramble more, but it is so interesting that I walk by these places like 3x a week and if it was not for the book I would not have known. Check this link if interested in some of what I touched on:


Happy Sipping!

Barkfoot said…
Those tanks are huge. They are like giant scaled up versions of the ones you get for camping stoves. Totally unlike English ones, ours are big circular frames and the tank rises and falls in sections depending on how full it is.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I'll look for your post! I'm behind on my comments and my reading!

bipolarlawyercook - These tanks sure have caused quite a bit of hubbub over the years!

capcity - You just never know what will show up here! I like your your cutie's reply! rose story. ; ) Very nice!

aviana - They do make life a whole lot better!

suldog - I certainly try, but somedays I can't quite do it. Like today. : (
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - Yes, you probably would have seen them. I don't think there are too many different ways to enter Boston coming from the south. I think you pretty much will need to go on the Expressway.

wheresmymind - Cool! I wonder if anyone knows the truth about that... You'd think someone knew the secret.

amisha - Thank you! I cannot wait to try my soap! ; )

tera - That's a good one! It will be fun to see your list!

dezel - I'm glad you like it! I'll have to check out that website. Thanks! It's pretty amazing walking by so much history all the time. That's how I feel about so many places in Boston and Quincy too.

barkfoot - They are pretty big! Yours rise and fall? I can't picture it. What are they made of?
Foodie said…
Hi Anali,

Stumbled upon through Asha's blog (Foodie's hope) I like your idea of meme. I will take up this tag and when I am done I will link to you.
Loved the picture of those Gas tanks, Huge Huge! How long does it take to paint that? just wondering?
Lisa Johnson said…
pintoo - Welcome! I just randomly noticed that you left a comment a while ago. I'm glad you liked the meme and the pictures! I have no idea how long that painting would have taken, but I would think quite a while! ; )

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