Something Fun

A The Letter N (on a bench) A L I

I found this on Lotus' blog, Lotus Reads. She always has something fun and interesting books too!

Try it here!

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Asha said…
HeHe!! You got some spare time at last ,Anali!! ;D
I will check it out.Love Lotus's blog as well:))
Tera said…
How neat!
Very egotistical darling.
Can I have one too?
Anonymous said…
I totally stole this idea (but attributed it to you : ) and put it on my blog. I needed a moment of silliness! Who knows, maybe we can get a chain reaction going? When you were a kid did it feel cool to write your name? That is, until you realized there was something wrong with your name in comparison to x y or z... ; )
Suldog said…
That's really cool, Anali. You always have interesting links. Thanks!
Lotus Reads said…
Your name looks stunning, Anali...I agree with Jennifer, the flckr word game is a charming little bit of silliness! I couldn't get the letters to fit in a single line, perhaps I should have arranged them vertically, like you did!

And thank you for the mention, you are the sweetest!
KAYLEE said…
Thanks.I could always you the silly games:D
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Yes! Everyone left such thoughtful comments before, I wanted to take a good amount of time and try to answer them. Plus I needed something fun to lighten things up a bit! ; )

torrance stephens bka all-mi-t - Welcome and thanks!

tera - It's kind of addictive!

something from me - I guess we all can be a bit fascinated by our own names. Even if it isn't our "real" name! ; ) I hope you tried it out and got yours too!
Lisa Johnson said…
jennifer - I stopped by your blog! Yours looks great too! I think the game IS spreading! Sometimes we just need some plain old fun!

suldog - Thanks!

lotus reads - Thanks to you for sharing this! ; ) And I didn't arrange it, the letters just came out that way! Fun!

kaylee - You're welcome!
Nance said…
you must never, ever sleep! so many blogposts and overhauls lately. do you have the summer off?
wait--I do, and I still don't do all the stuff you do!!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - LOL! Some nights I don't get too much! I do have flexible hours though, so it makes it easier to do things.

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