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Although it may seem like I bake all the time, my baking is really quite spread out. I made the muffins a few weeks ago and haven't baked since. At least until tonight. I was going to make cupcakes the other night, but was able to restrain myself. Tonight I gave in and had to bake something, even if I couldn't eat much of it. I just had to get it out of my system.

I remembered this recipe for Homemade Oreo Cookies, but it seemed like a bit too much work for tonight. I clicked on the ice cream sandwiches link in this recipe and found this recipe for Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now, this may not seem very exciting to you. Chocolate Chip Cookies are nothing new. For me it actually is new. I've been using the same chocolate chip cookie recipe for years. It's the one that my mother used, so I copied it down before I moved out on my own. Well, there are millions of different recipes for chocolate chip cookies and I've limited myself by just using one. Why? I don't know, but it's time for a new mindset.

So tonight I pushed the envelope. Well, I guess I pushed the cookie actually. Pushed it into some milk, heh heh heh. No adapting. This is one delicious cookie.

*Updated* I forgot to include this before. I'm curious about something I read recently. Check out this article here about whether or not it's rude to comment on a woman's appetite. What do you think?

I guess for me it would depend on how I'm feeling that day and who says it. If it's just a guy friend who I'm not trying to impress, it probably will not matter as much, unless I'm feeling particularly bad about how I look that day. But if it's a first date or something and the guy said that, I'd probably feel kind of weird about it.

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KAYLEE said…
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KAYLEE said…

I love chocolate chip cookies.
Those look so yummy.I am like you I love baking but,I dont like to do it too often.To me,it just takes the joy out of it if you do it too much:-)
I am glad to see that you don't grow your finger nails too long. I don't like women with long nails.

And not painted either; thats very good too.

You know, I find myself wondering; do you make good apple pie?
FH said…
Woman!! DO YOU HAVE TO show cookies being dunked in milk?! ;D
Looks great Anali.I made CCC's last month,somehow they spread like saucers!;P
Tera said…
As usual Anali, they look delicious!

You know someone commented on my appetite the other day, and I let her have it. I eat what I like and in the amount that I like. Eating should be enjoyable. I understand that may diet etc, but I never chose a diet that will make me miserable!
Suldog said…
Oh, God, Anali. I'm glad I clicked onto your page just before lunch, because now my tummy is rumbling. Chocolate Chip Cookies - A gift from God!
I haven't had breakfast yet, and I could go for a big, chewy, chocolately cookie right about now. Hey, at least I'd burn off the calories the rest of the day, right?;)
David Sullivan said…
My wife just made homemade cc cookies for my nephews grad party tonight and I was eating one(ok, 5)when I clicked on your post (cue the "Twilight Zone" music!)
Sharon said…
I used to bake a lot more. These days I usually do blueberry muffins & cornbread... I love cornbread for breakfest. I also stick with the same cookie recipes.

Your cookies & muffins look devine.
Nance said…
Lovely picture! As far as commenting on a woman's appetite, I clicked on the link and read the post. Very provocative. Also very saddening. It's just troublesome that food has so many complex emotions tied up with it for women; we are unable to escape guilt and shame when it comes to something as innocent as food! I shudder to think how many women looked at the picture of those cookies and whose first thought was, "Oh, I'd love to have those, but I don't dare!" and then a thousand reasons, most of them weight-oriented, whether real or imagined. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything women can do that is worry-free!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I see you are making your pals hungry again - including myself (lol).

And, yes, it does seem like you bake all the time : ) ha-ha

Love the pics - Yummy!
Sai said…
Love the pics....this looks really great! I love choc chip cookies....I love white choc macadamia nut cookies more ;P
CapCity said…
Yuuuuummmmmmmm! These cookies look DELISH! Although I prefer to dip mine into soft vanilla ice cream...
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - I agree that baking too much or being required to bake takes out some of the fun. I like the spontaeous joy of it.

something from me - Man you have a lot of rules! ; ) At the moment the nails are short, but sometimes I polish them and let them grow.

I think I might have made apple pie once or twice, but it's not something that I find too exciting. I love to eat pie, but don't really have overwhelming feelings to bake them like cookies, cake, muffins or cupcakes. Oh and I tend not to bake with apples too much. They just don't do it for me. Unless it's Fall and I went apple picking and I'm all happy about apples and have tons of them. I love blueberry pie, sweet potato pie and custard pies.

asha - LOL! ; ) Yes I had to!!! I couldn't resist. The dunking is the best part.

tera - I could never do a miserable diet either. I can have salads for a bunch of meals, but there needs to be some carbs or cookies at some point! ; )

suldog - They are truly a gift from God! Imagine life before chocolate chip cookies??!! How sad!

susan - Cookies make an excellent breakfast! They are yummy with coffee. And yes you would have the whole day to burn them off! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
david sullivan - That was kind of weird huh? Oh and I love The Twilight Zone!! In college, my friend and I would stay up all night watching the TZ marathons, but we'd be kind of freaked out by around 4 am.

sharon - I love bluebery muffins and cornbread! I can get stuck on the same recipes, so I'm really trying to expand my horizons. And thank you!

nance - Thank you! There is so much judgment around the way that we look that I think it's kind of ingrained in us to always be thinking about calories. That's one of the reasons that my co-workers get to eat a lot of my baking! Sometimes I just want to bake, but cannot keep it at the house and eat it all. Also health reasons are an issue. It would not be very wise to have eaten all these myself!

dezel - Glad you liked the pics! You would have loved these cookies! These may be the best chocolate chip cookies that I've ever eaten. And it's not even my baking skills. It's just an amazing recipe!

sai - Thank you! I like the madacamia white choc chip too! I haven't had any in a long time.

capcity - Oh I like the dipping in the ice cream! These cookies would make great ice cream sandwiches. Put vanilla ice cream in between two and freeze! I may try that...
CapCity said…
Is it possible that u will post your secret recipe, Anali?

I may have to take photos & post my pies in the Fall. I LOVE to toss bunches of fruits together & see what the pies taste like:-)...usually i'm pleasantly surprised! I'm always in search of healthy AND delicious desserts, so i experiment in the Fall (too hot to turn on an oven now:-).
Lisa Johnson said…
capcity - Secret recipe?? I'll be looking forward to your pie recipes and pictures too!

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