A Taste Of Yellow

This Magic Lemon Pudding Cake is my contribution to A TASTE OF YELLOW, a blog event hosted by Barbara of winosandfoodies.com, supporting LiveStrong Day, May 16, 2007. Read more about it here. Barbara has asked bloggers to bake something yellow and will post a roundup of all the participating recipes for A TASTE OF YELLOW on her blog on May 16, 2007.

LiveStrong Day is the Lance Armstrong Foundation's grassroots advocacy initiative to unify people affected by cancer and to raise awareness about cancer issues on a national level and in local communities across the country. Learn more about it here.

For the recipe and more about why supporting A TASTE OF YELLOW is so important to me, please read my latest article on BoomerGirl here. (Updated 7/15/2012: Sadly I keep finding dead links and going back to remove them. As this post explains, my BoomerGirl posts are all gone.


Nina said…
This recipe looks like something I could actually make...I'm not a big fan of lemon anything but my husband is, maybe I'll give it a go!
Unknown said…
Looks great Lisa. Thanks for contributing.
Hi babe,

The cake looks good enough to eat.
Actually, I just popped by for coffee.
How are you?

FH said…
I love Lemon anything!Looks delicious Anali.Great recipe for a great cause.Thanks:)
suttonhoo said…
oh YUM. you've made me crave a lemon tart... TGIF. I can get busy baking. :)
amisha said…
this looks delicious, and what a good cause!
Peter N said…
I love yellow, and lemon, but I do have to avoid suger (diabetes type 1). If there are any subsitutions for sugah, like that artificial kind, those lemon squares look "Anali good!" Have a wonderful weekend, Anali.
Tera said…
Oh my goodness Anali, that looks scrumdili-icious!!!!
starry said…
I love lemons and this looks awesome and for a good cause.
Anonymous said…
say lemon to me and i go for it:-)
So So Simple said…
Sounds great, there is another wonderful Lemon Delicious Pudding my mother used to make.
Mix everything together and when cooked it separates into a sponge on the top and a lemon curd as a sauce on the bottom. I shall have to look it up you have inspired me.

Lisa Johnson said…
nina - It was pretty easy and very tasty!

barbara - You're welcome! I'm glad to help.

something from me - It was good enough to eat! At the moment I'm trying to deal with someone stealing my content!

asha - Thank you!

suttonhoo - I hope to see a post about it! : )

amisha - Thanks!
Lisa Johnson said…
peter n - You could probably use Splenda to substitute the sugar, but I find that it comes out a little off if you use all Splenda. I usually will use half sugar and half Splenda. That works just fine in general. You have a good weekend too.

tera - Thanks! : )

starry nights - It definitely is a wonderful cause. Thank you!

kaylee - I love lemon too!

so simple - I'm glad to inspire! ; )
karrie said…
I adore all things lemon-y. Yum! :)
AVIANA said…

I wish I could eat that...it looks so good!!!

Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - Something about lemon feels really fresh and sunny. : )

lisa francisco - Thank you! It was good! ; )
Mizrepresent said…
Wow! That does look good! I think i'm going to try it too!
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Enjoy!
Lotus Reads said…
I love anything with Lemon and the fact that it was made for such a good cause makes it even more appetising!

Well done, Anali!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Thank you!

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