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I was going to write one super long post, but then I started getting overwhelmed thinking about it. There is really no need for that, so here are just a few things for now. I've been in a surprisingly good mood despite all the rain and cold weather returning to Boston. I took out my winter coat again and I've cranked up the heat. It's been in the 40's. But I don't care! Maybe it's the subway yoga?

Here's a picture that I took from inside the train yesterday. I was kind of sleepy, but it was late and I was able to get a seat. I closed my eyes and focused on my breath, like in yoga class. When I can't get a seat, often I won't hold onto the pole and I'll see how well I can balance. Usually I do pretty well. I'm not doing tree poses or anything, although I guess I am sort of doing a mountain pose. These subway poses are becoming part of my yoga practice, although I didn't realize it before. I've also been catching up on back issues of Yoga Journal, so maybe that is why I suddenly started to think of it that way.

As you can tell from my Food Porn links, I've been reading Clotilde Dusoulier's blog Chocolate & Zucchini for some time now. Well, I just bought her book! So far I love it and cannot wait to try out some more of her recipes! She is definitely an inspiration. I love her cooking, her pictures, and the way she writes. Food isn't just about the ingredients, it's about the stories and how it fits into our lives. She gets it and from what I've read of the book so far, I'm just as captivated by the book as I've been by her blog.

And something else made me all smiles and happy this week. I did my first blog exchange! And with one of my favorite bloggers, Carol Gillot of Paris Breakfasts! In this post here, Carol expressed her love for teacups. She proposed a trade of a teacup for one of her beautiful water colors. Here is a picture of my teacup. I sent it to Carol and this week I got my water color! What a week!

*Update* The comment section is working again. I apologize to those of you who tried to comment earlier! I do want your comments!

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KAYLEE said…
My mother has been trying to get to take a yoga class for months now.I am hesitant to try it though.
Sai said…
I am not much of a Yoga fiend but I do enjoy the breathing exercises (Pranayam)as it helps me to calm down and relax.
Sai said…
Oops ! I forgot to add to the earlier comment...I love teacups as well. I love the dainty elegant china. I hate the fact the people don't drink tea as much and drink it out of mugs!
Nance said…
was this teacup a singleton, or do you have another? it's gorgeous. the watercolor is lovely, too. it would be pretty to be able to display them together.
Keshi said…
I've been to a Yoga class...long time ago tho. Its pretty relaxing.

Tera said…
I took a Meditation class as an elective in Grad School, and we used to tie Yoga in...VERY INTERESTING it is indeed! The watercolor is awesome! :)

What a brave soul to try not holding on in the subway. As short as the shuttle ride is in the airports, I can't even do that without holding on!
amisha said…
love the idea of subway yoga... breathing and staying grounded... things that can be applied to all areas of life!
the swap looks great. and thanks for the foodblog tip too... i am going to check out that site!
AVIANA said…

you really need to devote yourself in pursuing a career in food writing and critiquing and stuff... seriously...

i'm so tired and sleepy from all of the preparation for yesterday and the showcase in 2 weeks.... there is so much to do..i am overwhelmed.....but it is good though!

i'll be updating tonite or tomorrow probably tomorrow about yesterday which was awesome! i'm tired....

thanks for stopping by....
Suldog said…
I like your comment about standing and trying to balance, rather than holding the pole. We used to always do that when we were kids on the Red Line As a matter of fact, it was a point of pride to be able to keep your balance through the starts and stops without resorting to any handhold.
PunditMom said…
What a lovely painting. And thanks for the tip about the cookbook! ;)
catalyst0527 said…
Good pictures and writing! :)
Breathing is the most basic part of human life and the most important part also!

I think yoga is the good way to learn right breathing.
So So Simple said…
Go yoga on the train!
How fabulous are both those cups.
I no longer have any I just use bone china mugs. I like pretty ones though. I hate drinking out of thick mugs.
Question please...I have lost my comment section on my last seems...what did you do to retrieve it?
Thanks Anali
Lotus Reads said…
Am a nut about teacups...especially those lovely Victorian style English ones, they are so darn quaint! I have a little collection here, maybe one day I'll do a little slide show?
I call my handleless train rides "subway surfing," but I think your idea of thinking of it as mountain pose may work better to stop me from crashing into people. : )

I try to use my time standing in line places to practice my pranayama. It at least keeps me from drumming my fingers on the counter.
CapCity said…
LOVE it that someone else uses their time on the train to practice yoga or meditations:-). I find it the perfect real-world place to practice it cuz here on the NYC train they can TRY your patience! LOL! luckily, i no longer need to take it on the daily:-).

Sistah Anali - if u're EVER in NYC - I've got a chocolate PLACE for U!
karmic said…
I use my train rides to catch up on my zzzs. I guess it is my meditation. :)
David Sullivan said…
My cuz SulDog lived parallel lives. I too never used a pole while riding the T; I landed in many an elderly ladies lap!!
starry said…
I used to learn yoga as a child and then somehow stopped doing it.The weather all over is in california it was cold this morning , the sun is yet to come out.
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - It's really fun and I feel so much better after. Also, there are many different types of yoga, so if you don't like one type don't write off the rest. I do Hatha yoga, which is pretty calm and relaxing compared to some other types, but I can still get a good workout.

sai - Pranayama is very calming. I like pretty teacups and couldn't resist this one when I found it at an antique shop. I never used it though, it was just pretty to look at. I drink out of mugs! ; )

nance - It was a singleton, so the only place they will be displayed together is here. But it's okay. There are lots of pretty teacups in the world. I'll find more.

keshi - Yes it is!

tera - Thank you! There are the oddball times when my balance is off and I have to catch myself.

amisha - I do appreciate the spillover now. And I hope you like C&Z! It's one of the best out there!

aviana - With this blog and by BoomerGirl food blog, I'm certainly trying to make a go of it. I just read about the show! Congratulations! It sounds amazing!

suldog - I feel so accomplished when I don't have to hold on for the whole ride! I guess I'm not the only one! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - Thanks and you're welcome! : )

catalyst0527 - Welcome! Thank you for the kind words! Since I started yoga, it still amazes me how sometimes I'll realize that I'm not breathing. I guess it's always something that I need to be mindful of.

so simple - I'll have to get some more pretty teacups, but I do like my big mugs too. They hold lots of coffee!

lotus reads - That would be a great slideshow! I hope you do it!

bipolarlawyercook - I like the way you think! Subway surfing sounds pretty fun too! That's a pretty accurate description, especially standing on that rotating part between trains on the Green Line. It takes it to a whole other level!

capcity - I guess subways in most cities can try our patience. The confinement on top of the wild behavior is just too much. One of the coolest things I ever saw on a train was on the Metro in Paris. These guys walked in with their band equipment, plugged in an amp and started playing! I couldn't believe it.

sanjay - I've fallen asleep too. That whole bobbing head phenomenon on the train is so funny. You can watch people try and fight sleep, but it usually wins!

david sullivan - Woops! : )

starry nights - It was pretty nice here today, but the rest of the week is supposed to get even better. Sunny and warm!
Anonymous said…
I think I might try it:)

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