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It's time for a new post. Even I'm getting sick of looking at my old one, so I'm sure you are too. I didn't think I'd have any more Subway Stories, but I guess you never know.

One night last week, I was walking from my office to South Station and the sun was setting. I noticed the bright blue of the sky contrasting against the stark lines of the buildings and it looked beautiful, so I grabbed my camera phone and started shooting. I've been noticing the lines of buildings and blue sky thanks to inspiration from Suttonhoo. Look at her great pictures here.

I'm really not that far away from my old office, but the landscape of the city is so different here.

Although, the Back Bay has the Prudential and John Hancock buildings, there seem to be many more really tall buildings in the Financial District. I'm not sure if that is true or not. Anyone out there know?

It must be an incredible feeling to be an architect with an idea for a building, then see it come to fruition and literally change the look of a city. Boston is full of a lot of contrasting architecture. New buildings close to very old ones. I guess it can be sort of a mishmash, but I like it. See the contrast between the Old South Station building and the entrance to the new South Station? There are several new entrances and they look like pyramids. I'm sure there must be some tempermental Bostonians who can't stand them.

This post is getting too long, so let me start to bring this baby to a close. I'm growing accustomed to my new surroundings - like the Federal Reserve Building. It looks like it's ascending to heaven. All that money. I actually took a tour of it during law school for a banking class. I saw someone's check lying on the floor. That couldn't be good.

There's just one more thing about the next few days that is intriguing me. I admit to reading my horoscope everyday and think that there is something to astrology. I like this one here,because it gives general information for everyone about planetary happenings. Below is a partial summary from Friday's Daily Cosmic Calendar, by Mark Lerner.

"At certain times of any given year, I usually issue a Red Alert. This happens when there is a clustering of intensive sky patterns that converge within a few days. That's what's going on from now through at least Monday - although a conservative astrologer might extend this celestial caution and uneasiness through May 10. However, within this stressful time-period, a Blue Alert also occurs. The blue coloring signifies breakthrough potential - particularly in the realms of education, publishing, business and professional matters."
I took notice of this one. With all the changes that have been happening, I won't be too shocked if things continue to be stirred up. And maybe on some level, this is why I was so enchanted by the sky.


Mizrepresent said…
Girl, i too, rely on astrology from time to time to guide me, or assist me in my day...i can't tell you how times it has been on point, to the point of having me mesmerized. Thanks so much for leave your footnotes at my blog, and i'll be sure to visit your's regularly! Welcome to my world!
Anonymous said…
nice post love it i love to look around at the surroundings on subways too:-)although we don have em here but,I visit boston alot and ride them!
Anonymous said…
* dont! i can spell!
Asha said…
Do they LET you shoot the film inside subways these days? If I start taking videos there,they probably haul me to Police station!!!;p
In India,almost NOBODY gets married unless the "girl's and boy's" horoscopes are matched!!!!They consult the "stars" to build a house,open a store and practically for EVERYTHING!:D
Good luck with whatever you want to do and have a great rest of the weekend Anali!:))
Lotus Reads said…
I've visited Boston only once and it was a very rushed visit because we were enroute to Connecticut..your pictures make me want to return for a longer visit with a camera in tow.

About the horoscopes...I don't do a daily reading, but I do believe in sunsigns and the energies of the planets and so on...I find it all quite fascinating and true (for me) a lot of the time!
CapCity said…
thanx for the "local's" perspective of Boston. Wonderful photos!
Anonymous said…
anali, your photos are great! The sky in the bottom photo really is amazing. I felt like I was there.
Tera said…
Wow! That tends to weird me out when my horoscope "speaks to me!" I find more often than not, when I read those, and use my handy dandy dream dictionary to interpret my dreams and things hold true, an eerie feeling overcomes me! Can this stuff really be true?

Great pictures by the way :)
Suldog said…
Odd note: It is actually illegal to photograph inside of the Boston subway system without a permit. I don't know how often they actually arrest anyone for doing so, but it IS MBTA policy.

And an odd little memory: There used to be a bowling alley in South Station - long gone - underneath the level where folks waited for trains. My Mom would bring me there to bowl a string or two whenever she took me along on one of her shopping trips downtown.
Nance said…
I'm fascinated by the mix of architecture in some of America's larger cities, too. On a trip to Chicago a few years ago, I took the architectural boat trip on the river. It was really engaging and informative. I think Chicago has about the most eclectic and beautiful skyline I've seen in the US.
suttonhoo said…
great post, anali -- and thanks for the shout out! :) so glad to hear you're enjoying your new surroundings.
Tsiporah said…
WOW. I love the pictures. I have never been to Boston, but I've always wanted to go. I love old cities and like the mishmash (using your word) of the old and new together.
AVIANA said…

Stopping by to say hi! No I don't do the whole horoscope thing. It is a fun read but I cant take those seriously.

It's great that you actually took time to enjoy your surroundings. Most people don't realize that there are things outside themselves of interest.


Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - It's funny how it can be so on point sometimes, but admittedly completely off the next day. Thanks for the link and I've added you too! ; )

kaylee - But I bet your area of expertise is right around Fenway! : )

asha - From what I read before, the issue of photography on the T is somewhate unresolved. I did a post about it last June and the ACLU was considering taking up the issue. For now, I keep taking pictures and if they want to stop me, well that's up to them. I have no problem going to the ACLU.
Here is the link.

Astrology has always fascinated me and I even considered it when I chose the day to start my blog! : )

Lotus Reads - You have to come back for an extended visit! I'll show you around!

capcity - You're welcome! I'm glad you liked them.
Lisa Johnson said…
jennifer - Thanks! Good to see you're back!

tera - I used to have a dream dictionary too! I find now that if I talk my dream out with someone that I can usually figure it out. I've always been fascinated by dreams. That would make an interesting post...

suldog - I don't think it's illegal per se, but it's been an issue as mentioned on my comment back to Asha. It's definitely interesting. We'll see what happens.

I had no idea about the bowling alley!! I have to look into this. You have so much Boston information! Thanks!

nance - I agree that Chicago is a gorgeous city. I've only been there once in the early 90's and haven't been able to get back since. I went to Oprah's show and her restaurant "The Eccentric." I would love to go soon though and try and go to the show again!

suttonhoo - Thanks and you're welcome!

tsiporah - Thank you so much! : ) You should come visit and I can show you around! The weather is finally nice and it's a great time to see the city.

lisa francisco - Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!
Suldog said…
Just to clarify: When I said "illegal," I was incorrect. You are right, Anali, of course.

What I meant (I think) was "frowned upon by officials of the MBTA, which policy is sometimes enforced by MBTA Police, thus giving it the appearance of actual illegality."
Hey ANALI! Great photos! Boston looks like a lovely city.

With the Washington Wizards and Capitals building a world class arena (The Verizon Center) in the heart of DC, and the Nationals building a new stadium a few miles away, hundreds of millions of dollars have led to some amazing and beautiful new buildings being built around DC.

These incredible architects and construction people are saving many of the century old four and five story facades and using them at the base of the taller new buildings. The landscape is truly special down here too.

Nice post!
Nina said…
Beautiful! Just Beautiful! I really need to find my way to Boston. Did you really take all these pictures with your cell phone, wow!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Not a problem!

the thinking black man - Thank you! I have to get back to DC. I haven't been there in a couple of years. I love it there!

nina - Thank you! Come on up and I'll show you around! And yes, they really were taken with my camera phone! ; )
Ah, I love this post, Anali. I miss Boston so much. Though it's a bear to navigate, there is no place quite like it. Thanks for letting me experience its uniqueness again.
KAYLEE said…
oh yeah thats for sure!
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - I'm so glad you liked it!

kaylee - ; )

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