Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Park Serve Day - Saturday, May 12, 2007

I just received an email informing me that this Saturday, May 12th is Park Serve Day in Massachusetts.

Click here for more information. I just volunteered to help clean up Wollaston Beach. Check it out!

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pom d'api said...

Oki I go to learnhttp://candyneige.canalblog.com/

Lisa Francisco said...


Thank you so much for stopping by a moment ago! hehehe... I really appreciate your choice. Have a nice Wednesday!!!


Asha said...

Good for you Anali!:))Enjoy.

Anali said...

pom d'api - That would be quite a trip for you! ; )

lisa francisco - You're welcome! I'm looking forward to the unveiling of the name!

asha - Thanks friend!

wheresmymind said...

You are a good citizen cool kid!

Tera said...

EXCELLENT Citizenship Anali!!!

Lotus Reads said...

You'll have fun, Anali! The girls and I did that on Earth Day and we made lots of new friends!

KAYLEE said...

great job.voluteering is always a good thing.I soend my summers doing that at church.teaching the 4 year olds.

KAYLEE said...

soend=spend i have spellingg challenges

Dezel said...

Hey Anali,

I could opt for cleaning up a beach! Nothing like kicking some sand around on a gorgeous spring day. (lol) Take pics of the beach and have a great time.


Rose said...

What a nice way of giving back. Great work ANALI.

David Sullivan said...

Its a great thing!!!

As a kid I used to go to Wollaston beach and throw rocks at the jellyfish!!!

Lisa Francisco said...

stopping by to say hi!


Anali said...

wheresmymind - Thanks! ; )

tera - Now I have to make sure that I actually do it!

lotus reads - I think it should be fun too! I'll just need lots of coffee before!

kaylee - Good for you! That must be so fun with the kids, but quite a handful at the same time.

dezel - I will have to try and take some pictures. Good idea. I wasn't even thinking about it!

rose - Thanks!

david sullivan - Why am I not surprised?! : )

lisa francisco - Hello to you too!

kaylee said...

yeah they are really rambuxious(however the heck you spell that)!

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