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Yesterday, I bought these beautiful flowers. For some reason I felt a tug towards yellow. There were many colors to choose from - pink, red, orange. But I had a taste for yellow. When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining so brightly and the first thing I saw after the sun was my beautiful yellow flowers by my bedside.

Then I remembered, that it's LiveStrong Day! Now I understand my taste for yellow. Please look here to check out the roundup of recipes that Barbara put together for A Taste Of Yellow. She received 143* recipes! Wouldn't this make an amazing book? I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Those of you who are fighting cancer or have friends and loved ones who are, please stay strong and let's fight the good fight!

*Updated 5/17/07* Barbara has received 148 entries!

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FH said…
Beautiful and thoughtful.We should count our blessings everyday:))
Tera said…
Definitely very thoughtful! Anali, your posts always make me so hungry!!! :)
Nina said…
what a beautiful way to wake up.
Lotus Reads said…
Thanks for the heads-up Anali, will refer to Barbara's blog for the recipes..I'm sure to find a whole lot that I can use.

Your flowers are lovely!
What a thoughtful post. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I was so happy to see how many people participated in Barbara's A Taste of Yellow event. Wow! What a roundup eh? I also would buy a book like that. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Nance said…
Are those Gerbera daisies? They're always so cheerful! Have a great week.
AVIANA said…
Thanks for the heads up and beautiful flowers.

Lisa aka Aviana
AVIANA said…


fyi...i will be changing the url my to my site to

I'll give it a few days until I get to notify as many people I


Aviana (Lisa)
KAYLEE said…
Nice flowers:)
Unknown said…
I try to buy myself flowers every once in a while. They do pick me up!

I second what you said about cancer! Courage and love to all those who suffer from it.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I loved your pudding recipe too! It's pretty incredible to be part of something like this. I feel like it was a worldwide movement towards hope.

tera - Thank you! I guess you should eat first before you visit! Sort of like how you're supposed to eat before you shop or else you'll buy too much! ; )

nina - It really was!

lotus reads - The recipes are truly amazing! And hopefully I'll have several more days to enjoy the flowers!

susan - You're welcome! And I loved your mango salsa recipe!

ari - This was really a remarkable experience. And your fritatta recipe was wonderful! I haven't gotten to read your new post all the way through yet, but congratulations on the new job!
Lisa Johnson said…
lisa aka aviana - You're welcome! I'll be looking for the new site and I'll update my links.

kaylee - Thank you!

angela in europe - There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up my day! Well coffee and chocolate too! : )
jac said…
anali my cousin, it is the colour of the sun, the lovely meerigold flower and the flame... so it is also called flame yellow.

It is also the colour of the strength.

Missed you and I am delighted to be back here reading you.
Mizrepresent said…
Love the flowers and the post! Yellow, bright yellow just makes you smile! Thanks for sharing!
amisha said…
yellow is such a great color... color of life and strength! for the last few weeks we have been getting sunflowers from the farmer's market and they make me so happy. love seeing that burst of delicious yellow every day.
Suldog said…
I've always liked yellow roses more than the red. Also, I love (I may have the spelling wrong) forsythia bushes, bright yellow flowers that smell so lovely.

I am facinated by your taste in bed linen.

So So Simple said…
How exciting for're right yellow is the ultimate colour warm, friendly, so cheerful, you can see why the daffodil has been chosen as a Cancer flower. Yellow. (and spring... new beginnings)
Enjoy your flowers Anali
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - Glad to see you back cuz! That was like a poem about yellow! Thank you!

mizrepresent - You're welcome!

amisha - I love sunflowers! I haven't seen any around yet. I'm looking forward to getting some!

suldog - You are so right about the forsythia bushes! I have no idea about the spelling either, but for me they are the first solid sign of spring. They are wonderful.

something from me - I knew someone would comment!

so simple - I forgot about daffodils. They are beautiful too. And my flowers are still going strong!
KAYLEE said…
just stooping by to say hi before i go to bed I know what the heeck is a little girl like my doing up at 1:40 in the morning:-) got no idea:D
KAYLEE said…
*stopping jeez i cant spell this late:)
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - Hello! Sleep well. I'm a night owl too. : )
FH said…
Anali,I can't see the comment section in your latest post,so I came here.I love love your tea cup and saucer.Beautiful.It's always a pleasure to use the finest dishes to eat,feels great,isn't it?!:))
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thank you! I just realized the problem with the comment section and fixed it. Blogger did another upgrade and it caused a few problems with this post. Hopefully that was it...

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