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I checked my Technorati links today and noticed several links to a blog called Baby.

This website has cut and pasted several of my posts. They took all the content and the pictures to these posts, specifically my three most recent posts. I am not pleased. They did not seek nor receieve my permission and they did not attribute the posts to me.

This website appears to be doing the same thing with several other blogs as well. In addition, they have many Google ads, so they appear to be making money from using other peoples content. I am looking into this further. I wonder if they will take this post too?

Has anyone else had any problems with this website or anything similar?

**Updated** I have removed the web address of the splog, because I don't want to give them anymore publicity. A good definition of a splog is found here. I realized that many people are going onto the splog from here and giving them more page impressions, which makes them more money, which I do not want to help.

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So So Simple said…
Just checked the blog. What boring plagiarists. Fancy not having any material of one's own.
Hey I guess it is a backhanded compliment
Anonymous said…
I took a look at the site, they appear to be nothing more than an RSS scraper and spammer. What I would encourage you to do is send a DMCA notice to Google Adsense and get the advertising revenue cut and then, once that is done, send a similar notice to their host.

The reason I suggest this is that he probably has hundreds of site similar to this one but only one adsense account between them. Cutting off the funding does a lot more damage than just killing his hosting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the form on my site, I'll gladly help you out!
Nance said…
Anali--Checked this blammer's (blogger spammer) archives and he took your cyber-bullying post too. Apparently, this moron is just an adwhore, as jonathan bailey surmises. put the squeeze on him.
suttonhoo said…
yep -- you found a "splog" -- a spam-blog. they're all about selling ad-clicks.

these spiked for awhile in huge ways in the last year or two (we saw a lot of them in ecommerce) and then Technorati cracked down on them.

there are fewer now, but they're still out there.

you may be able to report it to Technorati -- I'd give it a shot.

so sorry to hear it.
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - It's not even a compliment, because they don't even read the content. They just steal content and then get revenue by having ads. They stole this post about them stealing my posts!

jonathan bailey - Welcome! Thanks for the information. I sent emails to Google Adsense, WordPress and Technorati. I hope that something will come of it, but I guess I have some more researching to do.

nance - This is so annoying!

suttonhoo - Thanks for the suggestion about Technorati. I emailed them too. I hope this will be easy to resolve.
Nina said…
bad news anali, I just checked the website and they DID take this post too :(
Anonymous said…
What Jonathan said.

This happens to me an awful lot. I find a lot of small blogs stealing posts word for word with no attributes. It drove me insane the first few times it happened and then I realized that they weren't getting any hits anyway.

The problem is that it's easy to copy and paste or use your rss feed to create a phony blog to generate some adsense hits. If you end up chasing down every site that does this however you'll just end up putting in far too much effort then it's worth in the long run.

Your blog is highly personalized so I don't think they are tricking anyone in the long run. (just the odd person who ends up there on a google search)
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - I hope that will make it much more obvious, so WordPress will stop hosting them and Google will take away their ads.

chris - I'm calming down a little now, but I was SO upset when I first saw this last night!! I guess I'm still upset, but I'm trying to not let it get to me.
Anonymous said…
There are about five sites ripping off of me. There's probably a lot more stealing your content and you don't even know it yet. covers this whole issue.
karrie said…
I get splogged all the time. At first I was extremely upset, but then I noticed that most splogs come and go, so the stolen content did not stay up very long.
mist1 said…
I hate stuff like this. Thanks for the info.
Anonymous said…
I hate when people do stuff like that if you are gunna have a blog make it your own:-)
Hey babe,
Someone copying more than your recipes?
Perhaps they are having a taste of green.
Lisa Johnson said…
angela - Welcome! I had no idea this was such a big thing until I saw Jonathan's comment and then visited his site, which you also recommended.

karrie - I hope this one goes away soon!

mist1 - Welcome! I hate it too! Glad to help, although I would rather have not learned about it first hand. *sigh, sigh*

kaylee - I agree.

something from me - They have taken entire posts. Copy is actually the wrong word. It is the real post that they appear to have stolen from the RSS feed.
Anonymous said…
Very bad news Anali
Tera said…
This sucks! I mean have originality and creativity gone straight out the window?!?!? That's a shame that things that are for "Entertainment Purposes Only" have to go awry!

I guess on the other hand, Anali, that proves your greatness, but it sucks that it has to be plagiarized!
wheresmymind said…
I've been having problems with people swiping my images lately...rat bastards!
Suldog said…
It truly sucks. I've had my posts ripped off once or twice, too.
AVIANA said…

I hope you don't mind that's my new nickname for you... :) Hey it combines anaLI and LIsa....Both your namesakes!!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the look out for me out on AKASHA! Good looking out LILI!

Also good looking out for us bloggers with this Baby thing.....

Have a good day!

AVIANA said…
Oh yeah, I'm pronouncing LILI as leelee... :)
amisha said…
ugh... SO sorry that this happened to you. what a jerk.
Tera said…
I also forgot to would one go about finding out if someone has stolen their blog???
Lisa Johnson said…
pom d'api - Yes it is. *sigh* : (

tera - You would think that people would be ashamed to do such a thing, but I guess that's me being naive.

I only found out that my posts were stolen when I checked my Technorati links and saw a bunch of links to my other blog that weren't there before. It was totally random that I noticed, but I guess that is a good way to do it.

wheresmymind - Sorry to hear that. This is all just so wrong!

suldog - I guess this happens a lot. I was hoping that the site was taken down by WordPress, but as of a few minutes ago, it's still up.

lisa francisco - You must be psychic!!! Lili was my old online name!!! I thought about keeping Lili for this blog, but I decided that it was time for a change. I still love the name Lili though and part of me will always identify with it too! And that is how I pronounced it too!!! Wow!! Is this my past coming back?

amisha - Thanks. : ) Double ugh!
PunditMom said…
Wow, Thanks for the head's up!
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - You're welcome! It's a shame that this type of thing happens.
it'[s horrible that the non talented find a way to make money off the creative folks even in this medium.... hmmm
Lotus Reads said…
Hi, Anali!

I have been noticing that many of my posts (from the Anthropology blog) are appearing on various other blogs/sites, but they always seem to give me credit, so I haven't objected to them using the content. Was the "Baby" blog not giving you credit for your posts?
Lisa Johnson said…
cortneygee - I guess thieves are creative when it comes to stealing. You'd think with all that ingenuity that they would come up with something legal.

lotus reads - Hi! This is very different from someone mentioning a post, even borrowing a quote and linking with attribution. This would be like going to someone's blog and seeing all of your full posts, pictures included, but none are attributed to you.
Lotus Reads said…
Ahhh, ok, yes, that is awful! Sorry this happened to you, Anali! I am glad you alerted us, thanks.
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Well, I just faxed Google AdSense an official DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Complaint per their instructions in an email reply back to me. The email that I sent was not enough.

Per Google's instructions, the Complaint has to be either sent in writing with a signature or faxed to them with a signature. Also a number of specific statements must be written for them to take action. Hopefully now, they will remove their ads from this horrible site now.

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