A Recipe For Change

I am behind on my blogging. My back is better, which is definitely a relief, but life keeps throwing me unexpected curve balls. Out of the blue, where I work has changed and I no longer have flexible hours, so I'm getting used to a totally different schedule and working in a new location. I guess it will take some time. There was another big change that makes me sad, but I guess it's all for the best. Life is rarely predictable and I have to keep going with the flow. Change is the only constant.

There is one thing that I have come to rely on that gave me something sweet during this past week. A recipe from Asha! About six weeks ago, I found a recipe for Cardamom-Raisin Quick Buns here. This past week I coudn't manage much, so I needed a really easy recipe. The one sort of tricky part was crushing the cardamom seeds. I tried using a mortar and pestle, but it was taking too long, so I put the seeds in my coffee grinder. I know that's supposed to be forbidden, but after this week - yeah, whatever.

This is a great recipe. No adaptations needed. The buns are delicious and were so quick to make, just like the name. Today is a warm day, so I'm going to get outside and enjoy it and maybe start reading "The Prophet" by Kahil Gibran, which Suldog reminded me was a great book. I've had it for months but haven't read it yet. So like this book, maybe I will realize one day soon, that what I need or am looking for, I acutally already have.


Lotus Reads said…
So glad your back is better, Anali. Those buns look and sound delicious! My 12-year old has been bugging me to teach her to bake, perhaps she can help me make a batch of these buns. (thanks to Asha, too!)

"The Prophet" will be a very good read, I am sure...do share your thoughts with us when you're done. I have it sitting on my bookshelf btw.
Nance said…
Cardamom scented coffee might actually be a nice byproduct of your project!
Asha said…
Finally,you did it Anali!:))

They look great.I have a whole volume of all Gibran's books I bought from Barnes and Nobles and I love it.Such simple philosophy and so true to life.Enjoy reading it.Good to hear that you are feeling better now!:))
Asha said…
Oh btw, if you add a tsp of granulated sugar to cardamom to pestle and mortar it will be easy to powder.We Indians do that so routinely that I didn't think I should mention in the post for non Indians!

Grinding in the coffee grinder is quite ok if you like flavored coffee!:D
AVIANA said…
ok, why don't you just become a chef? or sell some of your stuff at a local bakery till you make enough business to do your own or just do your own now? talent should not be wasted.
KAYLEE said…
i am glad your back is better.Your blog makes me hungry.REMIND me not to read it late at night:P
david santos said…
22 de abril, día de la tierra. Quién no la respeta, no respeta la humanidad.
22 of April, day of the land. Who does not respect it, does not respect the humanity.

22 d'avril, jour de la terre. Qui ne la respecte pas, ne respecte pas l'humanité.
22 نيسان يوم الارض. فمن لا يحترم ومن لا يحترم الانسانيه.
22 von April, Tag des Landes. Wer es nicht respektiert, respektiert nicht die Menschlichkeit
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David Santos
Anali, glad your back is feeling better.

There's a sculpture Kalil Gibran made in the Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain in Boston. Quite nice.
amisha said…
*sending you hugs*
it has been a long, long week. i am glad that your back is a bit better and allowing you to bake... fresh baked goodies and kahlil gibran sounds like a comforting combo.
plez... said…
glad to hear that you are feeling better... i hear that back problems are the worse!

thanks for the lovely recipe... i can't wait to give it a try with my daughter! take care.
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - I think you and your daughter will have a great time making these, but you might want to bake two batches. They will disappear quickly! And I'll definitely let you know about the book.

nance - I think you might be right!

asha - Thanks again for the recipe and for the tip about the sugar. I'll definitely try that next time. I would have never figured it out in a million years! : )

lisa francisco - Thanks for the vote of confidence!

kaylee - Thank you! Okay, I'm reminding you! You'd better not be reading this late! ; )

david santos - Thanks for stopping by again and I hope you had a good Earth Day!

bipolarlawyercook - Thank you! Intersting about the sculpture. I usually love art, but I never thought of looking at it in a cemetery.

amisha - Thank you! The weekend was very much needed. And I went to the fabric store... : )

plez - Thank you and I'm glad you like the recipe. Tell me how it goes! I hope you and your daughter have fun!
Anonymous said…
Thanks you very much, for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy. I love your recipe.
Thank you
Tera said…
They look great Anali!!! I hope this week will be a better week for you...glad you're feeling better :)
Cacophoenix said…
Could almost smell that food. Unfortunatel I don't eat eggs, so all I can do is smell :( I use cardomon in tea.

I have been enjoying the sunny weather too. Would like it even more if I didn't sweat so much.
dc_speaks said…
just noticing your blogs via TWA2CG blog. I'll play catch up on your posts.

Thanks for sharing the info.
Suldog said…
I'm sure you'll enjoy the book. My Dad had it on his bookshelf for years and years. I picked it up one day, read it, and have recommended it to folks many times since.
Lisa Johnson said…
pom d'api - You're welcome! I have to brush up on my French so I can read more of your blog. : )

tera - They were SO good!! If I do say so myself. And thanks for the good wishes!

cacophoenix - I'll have to try cardomom in my tea too. That sounds really good!

dc_speaks - Welcome! I've seen you on a few blogs too and I'll have to come by and check out yours. Thanks for dropping by!

suldog - I'm almost finished the book! I read on the train today. It's a very quick read and one of my new all-time favorite books in life now! What an incredible book. I'll talk about it in a future post.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
I have been seeing you around the way lately, so I thought I'd come through. It's always good to see what everyone else is up to.
Peter N said…
Hi Anali, on this Tuesday April 24th...I didn't know you were hurting! I wish you the best!! Always, Peter
Lisa Johnson said…
rich in the stl - Welcome! I just checked out your blog. I really like the prosperity game. I have some work to do!

peter n - Thank you! I'm much better than I was before. Hey, what do you think of my fantasy baseball team? I did have to make some changes though because some players are on the DL.
Mizrepresent said…
Kahil Gibran, "The Prophet" is an excellent as book that i read as a child and have grown to love as an adult...and btw...love your recipe's or at the very least your pics of great looking food...lol, i'm gaining weight just viewing them....nice to make your acquaintance, please drop by my spot any time...no recipes, but plenty of fill!
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Welcome! I'm almost finished with the book and I love it! I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures and I'll definitely be dropping by your blog too! ; )

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