Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No Sufficient Words

There are many other things that I'd planned to write about, but at the moment it all seems too trivial. I'm trying to write for my other blog and I'm feeling blocked. How can I not address what happens in the world? But is it really appropriate? Can I make it appropriate? I don't know, so maybe if I write about it here, I can get it out of my system. I may bake something later, but I'm not feeling happy enough to blog about it, so I figured I'd just write what I've been feeling.

I may have reached my saturation point with news of what happened at Virginia Tech, because it's really getting to me. It's all so horrible. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, alumni of the school. I feel that same kind of mental and emotional exhaustion that I did after September 11th. I just stopped watching the news after a few days, because I couldn't take it anymore. But then I feel guilty for shutting it out, because the families of the victims don't have that luxury and I also become uninformed.

I don't normally get writer's block. It's very easy for me to write, but I'm still blocked. Maybe baking will be therapeutic. For now, the hyacinth that I bought has opened and looks beautiful. I guess no matter what happens, we have to be able to still see beauty in the world.

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CapCity said...

I agree Sistah Anali. In the words of Desiderata: "With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

Beautiful flowers - thanx for sharing.

Nance said...

We can't let ourselves get mired in despair. Look what can happen...

So go open your hotmail. I sent you the waffle recipe.

Nina said...

I feel overwhelmed by the news too. And then I felt even worse when I spent some time with a friend today has done 2 tours in Iraq. He said, "Why doesn't anyone care this much about all the Americans who get killed in the war every single day?" Sadly, I didn't have a response.

Maybe you could bake something yummy that will help us all feel better, for everything.

Tera said...

A sadness always overcomes me in tragedies like this especially as I am hearing about the tape the gunman sent to NBC!

I agree with much tragedy is going on currently that we DON'T have the "answer" to. I have found the most comfort in praying. Perhaps you SHOULD bake something! And post a pic tomorrow so we can all share! :)

Chris said...

The 24 hour news channels have about an hour of news a day and the rest is filler. They aren't news but entertainment masquerading as news, exploiting the story du jour. After the shooting happened, they had plenty of people on blaming the shootings on video games, terrorism, etc., even before they had the name of the shooter.

The tragedy is now becoming a sick oppurtunity for some people, who are the loudest and will appear anywhere there's a camera, to push for their politics or beliefs. You're better off staying away from the news at this point.

Asha said...

You are right!! You just feel numb.I am scared too bcos Trisha is going to college in 2 yrs.I know it doesn't happen in all the colleges but you never know!!!It's terrible.

Tera said...

I guess also that this is very, very bad in the sense that the shooter is getting exactly what he wanted...publicity! Why are we airing the tapes of what he said and pictures of him with the gun held to his head...instead of bios of these victims and stories celebrating their lives?!?!? How about the fact that 183 people were killed in Baghdad yesterday????

People are going to be scarred from this no doubt, and seeing him over and over is a constant reminder of his pain. And there is (I'm sure) a smidge of irrational people out there thinking if they did the same would they get all this "glory?"

I have to sometimes wonder about the world we live in!

Suldog said...

CapCity mentioned Desiderata. It is well worth reading at times like this. I've also found a re-reading of "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran helpful.

Anali said...

capcity - Thank you for the wonderful quote! And I'm glad you like the flowers. : )

nance - Thanks for the recipe! I cannot wait to try it.

nina - I feel so horrible for your friend, but I really think that everyone does feel for the Americans who are killed in Iraq each day. My heart breaks for them. I feel horribly for the Iraquis who are killed too. Many if not most are innocent victims. The war needs to stop. There is no winning.

tera - I did end up baking! It will be the next post. And I agree that the tape is being shown way too much. The news media needs to find a way to do justice to the story without glorifying these killers.

Anali said...

chris - Welcome! I'm afraid that you're right about much of this. I turned off the tv.

asha - The whole thing is just mind numbing. I guess the good that may come of this though is that schools and universities will have better plans for something like this now. It seems that many mistakes may have been made here and that so many people didn't have to die.

suldog - Thanks for mentioning "The Prophet." I actually got this book for Christmas and have not read it yet. I just pulled it out.

Peter N said...

And Anali, even with "writer's block", you shine the world...Peter

Anali said...

peter n - Thank you! You always bring a smile my way! : )

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