A Music Meme & Comforts At Home

I was tagged by plez to do the "List of 7 Songs" challenge. I don't have an ipod, so I'm going to pull some songs from a few different places. Also, I'm changing the rule from 7 songs to whatever I end up with, because I'm like that. Deal with it! : )

Why the picture of lavender for a song challenge? Music adds a feeling of comfort at home, in my car, or even sitting with my headphones on at work. Lavender smells wonderfully comforting, and this bouquet is sitting in the corner of my hallway. It is a small, but very cozy space in my apartment.

And now to the songs. If you click on the music label below, you can find some more music that I love and there will be some repeats.

"Forgotten Love" by Etro Anime.
"Waiting Line" by Zero 7.
"Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" by Gotan Project.
"You'll Never Find (A Better Woman) by Teedra Moses.
"We Can Be New" by Amel Larrieux.
"Cloud 9" by Donnie

I found these songs listening to my radio station online. You can listen too if you click on the icon to the right that says "Music Listen." Another song that I was groovin' to today is called "Damn" by Nightmares on Wax and I've loved everything that I've heard by Fatboy Slim. I really like Corinne Bailey Rae. Her CD is in my car and one of my favorite songs is "I'd Like To."

Also in my car CD player is Putumayo's Brazilian Groove. I love their collections of World Music. My favorite song on this CD is "Maria Moita" by Rosalia de Souza. Eventually, I plan to buy her CD Garota Moderna. I love every song that I've heard from it. It's produced by Nicola Conte, who I've also become a big fan of.

So there you have it, some music that I love. And if you want to take this up too, then consider yourself tagged!


FH said…
Great list although I am more into books than the music.Got to listen to some of these now that I know you like them!:))
AVIANA said…
Great Post!! You know me...the music lover here! Isn't Amel Larrieux voice just delicious! it's amazing what she does with her voice. she is so underrated! I'm always on a hunt for new artists out there. Thanks for naming a few to look out for that I dont' know like Etro Anime and Gotan Project. :)
Suldog said…
I love lavender. In Dorchester, when I was a kid, there used to be these huge bushes of lavender the next block over in someone's yard. Whenever we played hide and seek, I used to hide in those bushes. I just loved being surrounded by that sweet smell, and didn't give a damn if I ever got found :-)
Unknown said…
good choice of songs
amisha said…
hi there! thanks for these musical recommendations... almost all are new to me and i am in a mood to hear some new music for the springtime!
and oh, i love lavender... beautiful and such an enchanting smell. i make my own handmade soap and one of my favorites is lavender cocoa butter!
karmic said…
Interesting list of songs :)
Tsiporah said…
Hey There, Great music choices I am really feeling Corinne Bailey Rae. Her CD has been on heavy rotation in my car since it came out.
Anonymous said…
Hi anali. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been out of the loop for the last couple of weeks and it was nice to see your comment. I see Zero 7 is on your list! I am going to have to listen that Teedra Moses song. I heard her for the first time yesterday. The song was "Last Day." I liked it a lot. I also really like Gotan Project! I haven't heard Etro Anime, but I will check it out (probable as soon as I stop reading your blog : )
Mosilager said…
I haven't heard of a single one of those songs - except the Brazilian anthology - nice list to try out, thanks.
plez... said…
hey, anali, thanks for stopping by my blog and i really appreciate you posting your songs... i see you don't like following the rules, either! *smile* very interesting song selection, i must say... since i've never heard of them. i will definitely check out your list when i'm back from vacation.
Keshi said…
Strange how I dunno most of ur fav songs :(

I wanna listen to em now. tnxx Anali!

Unknown said…
Cool list!
Anonymous said…
I love the Gotan Project. Their music makes me feel like I'm in an ultra hip lounge. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Oh, I agree about the lavender. It is really soothing. Thanks for the songs too. And about those free cupcakes--how cool is that? :)
Nance said…
I'm echoing another commenter when I say I've never heard any of those selections. I do, however, share your love of lavender. I grow a huge pot of it every year on my deck and love to make lavender fudge. Have you ever tried lavender and chocolate as a combination? Oh, it's lovely!
jac said…
I don't know 3 of it.
Ok, I have heard songs from Corinne Bailey Raye and Teandra Moses-- thanks, WERS. I am also a big Fatboy Slim fan, though anything techno-y dance-ish can catch my ear.

I admire your lavender. Everytime I try to keep fragrant dried herbs out, I either knock them over and they get crushed, or they collect more dust than is worth dealing with. So I'll just admire yours, and smell my bathtime bottled essential oils.
Nina said…
I swear I left a post earlier! Anyway...I don't know any of that music. I'm going to have to do some horizion broadening!

Your lavendar is lovely! It is dried right? And if it's not, how do you manage to keep it alive? I'm always looking for easy-care plants. I kill everything!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I hope you check them out! Maybe the music will distract you from your allergies for awhile. And I love to dance around the kitchen while I'm cooking! : )

lisa francisco - She is amazing! Mainstream radio is focused on so few, that people like her have been overlooked. It's such a shame. I'm so glad I found her online!

suldog - What a wonderful image! I would have stayed hiding too! My mom grows lavender in her garden and keeps saying she will give me a cutting, but I've yet to see it. This will have to be the year!

protegeoflife - Welcome! And I'm glad you liked it!

amisha - Hey! Glad you liked the list and I hope you check some out. Lavender cocoa butter sounds like the best soap. You make everything don't you!! So talented!

sanjay - Thanks!

tsiporah - Her music is wonderful and she has a very cool style about her. I love her clothes!

jennifer - Glad to see you back! I'd comment more, but sometimes it's hard to leave comments there.

I checked out that food blog that you just posted about. It's really wonderful. I've never heard that song "Last Day." I'll have to find it. When I first heard the Gotan Project, it was like one of those life changing moments. I felt like this whole new type of music had been opened to me. It is just the best music to dance to, drive to, or just sit back and chill out to.

I remember driving to New York last summer and having the CD blasting while I was driving over a bridge past the city. It was hot. I had my windows down and the wind was blowing. Just perfect!
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - I hope you like them!

plez - Thanks for the challenge and have a great vacation! I hope you like the music too!

keshi - I hope you get to listen to some of them. I'm sure you'll like them!

angela in europe - Thanks!

ari - Me too! I feel like whatever I'm doing I'm in a cool video or something when I have them playing. LOL! : )

susan - You're welcome! Glad to see you're back and feeling betta! ; )

I'm still looking for the cupcakes. I'll have to do another post if I get one!

nance - Oh the lavender fudge must be incredible!!! I tried a Dagoba lavender dark chocolate bar and loved it. I think I took a picture of it for my last food meme. It was amazing!! The smell of lavender is truly intoxicating. Add chocolate, you could practically fall unconscious from joy!

jac - You always have some new tunes going on your blog. I think you'd really like some of these groups.

bipolarlawyercook - Wow, I haven't listened to WERS in years! I used to listen to it all the time when I was in college. They really have amazing music. I wonder if I can listen to them online...

This lavender is dried, but I'm hoping to get some fresh from my mom's garden.

nina - That's happened to me with posts too. I wonder if missing posts go to the same place as lost socks in the dryer?? : )

And yes, it is dried. Both the lavender and the vase were gifts from one of my best friends from college. She is such a sweetie!
jac said…
I never had any idea that you were listening to those music there !!!
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - Yes I am!
Anali, you can listen to it online . . . wers.org. Happy listening! -BLC
Lisa Johnson said…
bipolarlawyercook - Thanks! I'm going to try and listen today!
Lotus Reads said…
Am always on the look-out for new and nice music, Anali so your list was a welcome one indeed. As for Putamayo they are my favorites too...I also love listening to BBC Radio 3's World Music....I have discovered so many new and fantastic artists through them!

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