Spring Philosophy

These are my winter boots. I am sick of wearing them. Today was the first day of Spring. It was only around 30 degrees and there is still snow on the ground. I wore my winter boots again. Have I told you that I'm sick of wearing my winter boots?

Anyway, I know the the warmer weather will be here in time. I just need faith that it will happen and some patience. Patience is not my strong suit. It's one of my "issues." I know that about myself. I also know that I can be a bit judgmental. Something else that I'm working on. In the past, I've judged people wrongly or too harshly, too quickly, and regretted it. I try my best to learn from past mistakes. I hope that I can rise to the occasion in this post.

I've done many posts expressing my support for Governor Deval Patrick. If you're curious about these old posts, just click on the Deval Patrick label. It's no secret that our Governor has gotten off to a very bumpy start. I'm not going to go into the specifics, but here is another article talking about what has been going on.

I've spoken with friends and family about him and have felt surprised, let down, upset, angry, sad, and even a bit ashamed. Since I've blogged so much about my support for him before, it did seem strange to suddenly stop writing when things took a bad turn and were in the news all the time. I kept hoping the problems would go away and I could just pretend, at least on my blog, like nothing was wrong, because these were just minor lapses that would soon be corrected.

But things kept happening. And then recently, some of you called me on it and asked my opinion. You were right to do so. I was putting off the inevitable. I had taken a stand before and now have to defend it. I guess I'm not the only one dealing with this dilemma, because there was an article about this very issue. The Karl Rove reference was a bit scary, but I've decided to address it pretty simply. I disagree with the way he has handled these recent issues. I don't understand what he was thinking with the drapes, and the car, and the helicopter, and the aide for his wife, and most importantly the call to the bank. I think he was wrong. I was not happy.

But when it comes down to it, who am I to judge him? I've made mistakes in my life and I'm sure I'll continue to do so. We all make mistakes. We're only human. I guess one of the reasons that those of us who supported him are feeling a bit uncomfortable is that we were feeling so proud and happy to be aligned with him. Our expectations for him were and are enormous. But pride has its downside. And one man, one administration can only do so much. We were feeling so proud, then we were not. I guess you have to take the bad with the good.

Governor Patrick's wife is not well right now. I hope that she recovers and I'm glad that she has his support. I'm still hopeful that our Governor can do some great things in the future with the new health care legislation and that health insurance will be more affordable. Also, I'm hopeful that he will find a great judge to appoint to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Spring is a time of renewal. Hopefully this administration, and all of us in the Commonwealth, can put winter behind us and look forward to the new season.


Jeseem said…
seems like the spring is already here in CA. Last weekend had to put a/c on my car, since it was soo hot. :)

have been reading about Deval Patrick's gaffes. hopefully he will correct himself.
So So Simple said…
Oh dear New politians it's like being a new parent you have to learn as you go along, hopefully he will be everything you hoped for very soon Anali.
Anonymous said…
I'm sick of my winter shoes too! I cannot wait until it warms up enough to wear my cute sandals again, with jeans, and a tank top and no jacket!

Ari (Baking and Books)
jac said…
As I dunno anything about your Governor, let me talk about the winter and your winter boots.

Hey! Spring is already here. So don't keep worrying about your dislike of it.

Cheer up cousin.
Asha said…
I can't believe Spring is here!:))
It's Allergy season for me but I am smiling! Yesterday was little hot here but pleasant after a sudden blast of cold on Sat.
Hang in there,it's coming there too Anali.
Anonymous said…
I think the wild weather swings in the area have us all a bit tense.

I'm pathetically out of the loop with regard to local politics at the moment. I've been buried in textbooks.
Nance said…
anali--i agree that the Rove-ian reference is extremely disheartening as is the series of almost cavalier actions taken by the new governor. they seem very out-of-touch for a man who should have known his high-profile win and status as a first A-A gov. for your state would place him under a lot of media attention. makes you want to ask him, "what on earth were you thinking!?" certainly, he has taken some tough instruction from this experience, and perhaps he will come out from it with a clearer vision to serve. i hope so.

as far as your weather: i hear you! take heart, though. today in NE ohio, we had 67 degrees!
Anonymous said…
I was thinking how much I like Deval Patrick and if someone were watching someone every second they were starting a new job, they'd look pretty bad, too. I think the Cadillac thing was weird, but I have not given up on him at all.
Sai said…
I love spring and I am so excited. I can get my bikes out and start biking!
Parisbreakfasts said…
I'm so sick of my winter clothes I wanna jump on them!
Up and down :)
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - You're so lucky! But the weather did improve today. It was in the 50's!

Well, our Governor has some new advisors now, so hopefully things will be better.

so simple - I hope so too!

ari - Today, I shed my boots and put on some cute heels. Too bad I had to climb over a snow bank! But the weather is warmer and the snow is melting very fast now. I can't wait to wear sandals again too!

jac - Hey cuz! Sorry to keep complaining about the weather! It was better today. : )

asha - I'm feeling like my allergies are getting ready to kick up too. But that means that things will start blooming soon! I cannot wait!!! Flowers and trees with green leaves!
Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - Sometimes it feels like the weather people are just toying with us! They know we are on our very last nerves and one more snow storm will just be too much!

nance - What makes it so frustrating is that he is such a smart man. He knew that all his actions would be under a microscope. He was so down to earth and seemed to be so in touch with us common folks. I don't know what happened. I'm hoping that he will get things back in check now.

rhea - Glad that you haven't given up! I hope things will get better.

sai - Enjoy your rides! I'm sure that there will be some interesting posts out of them!

parisbreakfasts - Welcome! LOL! I feel the same way. It will be so nice when I can put away all my wool.

I just saw my teacup on the post! What a great idea for a trade. I'm so looking forward to the water color.
amisha said…
hi there. what a thoughtful post. i too am quick to make up my mind about something-- for good or bad-- and it is an ongoing process for me to remember to step back, wait, consider, and think. i often remind myself that it is rare that something or someone is all good or all bad.
i have not been following the governor's situation, but i know the feeling of having supported a candidate whom you felt betrayed you with their screwups. ouch. hope he comes around.
karmic said…
Anali.. I think Deval Patrick will be ok. Perhaps his being a person of color puts him under a bit more of an extra scrutiny? Like Obama perhaps?

It was in the 50s here today, warm days are coming..
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - It's definitely a process. For me, I guess a whole life process.

sanjay - I think it certainly puts him under more scrutiny, which is not fair, but that is life unfortunately. Also he and Obama are very aware of this, so they have to be extra extra on top of everything.

It was in the 50's here too! And the snow is almost all gone. : )
AVIANA said…
at least you have a stance...as long as your stance does not hurt anyone or take away someone's rights directly or indirectly then you are right to believe what you believe...our beliefs get challenged...as long as you are to being challenged and not stubborn to change your beliefs you are fine....enjoy the weekend..forget about the boots....at least go shopping for some spring stuff to get you in the mood....
Lisa Johnson said…
lisa francisco - Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them. This has been quite a roller coaster ride.

And I haven't worn my boots for a few days! Spring is finally here!

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