My Lunch This Week

I didn't use a recipe, but I threw some things together and made two onion + green pepper quiches. I'm eating one this week and put the other in the freezer.

I haven't tasted it yet either, but I hope it's good. I used store bought pie crust, 10 eggs, some rice milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg, basil, chopped green peppers, chopped red onions, romano cheese, asiago cheese, feta cheese, and soy mozzarella cheese.


karmic said…
Anali, loved both your food posts. I am sure it will taste great, the quiche looks delish!
FH said…
All those cheese made my mouth water!You are eating well these days,keep it up,makes a foodie like me happy indeed!;D
Gunfighter said…
That looks REALLY good!
amisha said…
sounds so good! how *do* you get the edges of your crust to look so nice? hmmm. mine always look wonky. ah well.
we are eating so much quiche these days... the emergency meal when we have a ton of greens in the fridge and the veg delivery at the farmer's market is the next day :) love them.
AVIANA said…
it looks really good! i just did my tae-bo buns workout and i'm super hungry for some carbs and this posting is not helping! DAMN YOU AND SADDLEBAGS!!!! anyhow, looks good, eat some for me :(

oh yeah, isn't the name just gorgeous?! i'm in love with it until i stumble onto another name .. :)

Anonymous said…
How could it be anything but good with all that cheese? :)
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

There is some silly saying out there that “Real Men do not eat quiche”; I am ignorant on that one and do not know how it came about, but I love quiche and that one looks terrific.

It is official; you indeed are a food pornographer! Congratulations! It all looks so tempting.

In other news and I was going to ask you, we have been hearing about Mr. Patrick on our local news; any truth to that stuff? What is wrong with a man owning a Cadillac? Hope you post something to clean the air and refresh it with that blueberry smell or something pleasant.

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - It was so good that I had it for lunch and dinner!

asha - Anything to make you happy! : )

gunfighter - Thanks!

amisha - It is a great emergency meal - everything all in one. And the store was kind enough to make the crust for me! ; )

lisa francisco - I had some for you! Both the names are great, so it will be interesting to see what you come up with next!

karrie - You were right! Cheese is good!

dezel - I remember that phrase and thought it was really idiotic then. It seems even sillier now. I wonder who came up with that? Maybe the same person who came up with the term metrosexual?? LOL!
Anyway thank you!

And about our Governor... **Sigh,sigh,sigh** It has not been good. I've been thinking about posting for a while now. It seems like every time I'm ready to address an issue, something even worse comes up and then I decide to blog about food and avoid it. It will be in a post at some point. This has been making me so sad...
Nance said…
anali--i really love asiago; i prefer it to parmesan when i make my own basil pesto.

re: deval patrick. sounds like he is attempting to clean his own house now. i haven't been following it, but have recently heard the latest re: his wife's situation and her appointee(s). yikes. you were such a booster, and he seemed like a great candidate. i hope it is something we can get good news about soon. maybe you can distill it for those of us who are not mass. residents but concerned dems. i value your insight.
Anali, I'm interested in how the rice milk and the soy mozzarella work. How much did you use? How does it affect the texture/baking time? I have a few friends who are mildly lactose-intolerant-- i.e., no fresh milk or fresh cheeses, but aged/fermented is ok. Looks gorgeous. Is that a stop & shop crust?

Suldog said…
I love you, Anali, but quiche... Yuck! One of the few things to eat I really don't like much.

Oh, well, you probably don't like turnip sandwiches, in which case we're even :-)
jac said…
Can't resist a watering mouth !!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - It is really good! And I have a post coming up about our Governor.

bipolarlawyercook - I've used the rice milk as a complete substitute for milk for years now and usually use the vanilla flavor. I really love it! I didn't measure anything, so I can't help there. This was my first time using soy mozzarella. It wasn't bad and I used it on a pizza too and in a fritatta that I made last week, but didn't blog about. Oh and you sure do know your S&S crust! : )

suldog - LOL! I forgive you, because I cannot ever imagine a turnip sandwich!

jac - Thank you cuz!
che said…
delicioso , i mean , delicious !
Lisa Johnson said…
che - Thank you! Welcome back!
Dan said…
That looks so good I want to just dive into it!

Did you save some for me? What?? You didn't?? :(
Lisa Johnson said…
dan - Welcome! And thank you! If you had told me, of course I would have saved some for you!! : )

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