The Contents Of My Fridge

How's this for a lazy post? Here are some things that are in my fridge at the moment.

flour (white + whole wheat)
vanilla rice milk
coffee (caf + decaf)
coffee creamer
orange juice + apple juice
salad dressings
vanilla yogurt
white wine
maple syrup
lemons + limes
leftover french toast mixture

I guess I need to do some cooking. There aren't many leftovers here! I think I have the fixins' for a nice frittata...

What's in your fridge?


Suldog said…
OK, I have to ask this: Did you tell your food that you were taking a picture, so that they'd all line up nicely and smile? Or are you that neat anyway?

I notice a few interesting things. You shop at Stop & Shop, as I do. You don't put your eggs in the "egg tray" - or perhaps you have some in there already and those are your spares. You like Pepperidge Farm bread - good choice!

Our fridge is generally much messier. If I were to list the contents here, it would take me far too long and deprive me of a perfectly good lazy blog post of my own in the future :-)

One more question: Have you tried SILK sot milk? I like real milk, a lot, but I've found it to be a very nice change of pace.
Suldog said…
That would be "SILK soy milk". "Sot milk" sounds like something you might give a british drunk the morning after.
Asha said…
Looks so clean Anali.Mine is stuffed to the max!;P
I have Hazelnut coffee cream!Lot of healthy stuff there.Have fun.
Anonymous said…
I posted pictures of my fridge and freezer once too. (On an old blog of mine) How funny!

Oh, fridge is packed at the moment. From memory I know I have strawberries, hummus, a few kinds of cheese, grapes, vanilla soy milk, skim milk, peanut butter, a can of tuna (like it cold), apricot jam,yogurt,turkey, chocolate pudding, a few kinds of mustard, cucumbers, salad greens, several bottles of beer, a bottle of white wine, sprouted grain bread, fish and flax oil, eggs, baby carrots, and salami.

The freezer is crammed full of frozen veggies, ice cream and a costco sized box of burritos.
Nance said…
oh my. with 3 huge men in the house, i could never take the time to enumerate all the items in my fridge. instead, let me think of the oddest thing in there at the moment, besides the FIVE types of mustard...but that's pretty odd. the best thing in there right now is my bottle of three olives vodka. worst thing? sam's jar of queso dip. he loves that processed crap.
starry said…
If you took a look at my fridge you would is absolutely bare. I still have not started to cook at home.My neice was visiting me one day , she looks into the pantry and says. Mom " all they have is bread crumbs" everyone just started laughing.She was right, there was amongst other things a large cannister of Bread crumbs.
Margie said…
Hi Anali
I have lots of veggies in my fridge right now!
Your fridge looks very clean!
I used to shop at Stop and Shop when I lived back there!
Is it warming up....hope so!
Was a gorgeous day here...felt like spring!
Jeseem said…
my fridge is empty as always.
restaurants here i come :)
amisha said…
you definitely have frittata stuff... did you see molly (orangette)'s post about kale + onion ones? oh yum. sounded *so* good.
Hey, you've got asparagus and escarole in there? You've got my approval! And it's so clean! :)
Anonymous said…
How interesting. I love seeing the books on peoples shelves but I never thought of looking in their fridges too!

Ari (Baking and Books)
Sai said…
Your fridge looks really clean and organized. You are giving me a complex. Right now my fridge is empty and i will be stepping out to stock it.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I'm a Virgo and I love to organize! I do shop at S&S, but also at Hannaford. I heard that there might be a strike at S&S, but I'm not sure what happened with the wage negotiation...

I think I tried the Silk Soy milk when I had a free coupon. It was good, but I switched to rice milk from soy, because I think I was eating too much of it. Also, I buy the store brands, because they taste the same or better and are cheaper.

asha - Yum, I love hazelnut! You must have everything in your fridge with all the cooking you do!

karrie - I'm almost out of jam. I think I'm going to get apricot next. I love apricots! I've never heard of keeping peanut butter in the fridge. I guess I just like mine at room temperature.

nance - I think you have to share what types of mustard! ; )

starry nights - You must eat out a lot or order in! Cooking definitely can wear you out when you're not feeling well, so it's good that you're getting your strength back. I wonder what the first meal will be that you will cook?

margie - It's finally warming up here. It's in the 50's today I think. Finally, the deep freeze is over!
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - I'm sure all the restaurants are counting on you!

amisha - I did see that post! I loved it!

susan - Why thank you! The escarole is in there because of Molly @ Orangette too!

ari - There is something interesting about seeing what people have in their houses. I may share my freezer too!

sai - It's also much easier to keep things oraganized when it's only one person.
Nance said…
anali--grey poupon dijon, gulden's spicy brown, plochman's classic yellow, knohauffer's stone ground, bertman's ballpark. for awhile there, we also had some cranberry mustard and some peach mustard that we had gotten in canada, but those are gone. i guess we're very into mustard. lol.
vasilisa said…
Don't know bout the contents, but this is the cleanest and most organized fridge I've ever seen... Now, really, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Look at you, so organized, clean and neat; did you set that up just before the photo (lol).
My fridge consists of bottled water, cranberry juice, apple sauce, a few dips and sauces, olives, some low fat pudding, apples, plums and lastly, yogurt.

Now my wine fridge consists of nothing but wine – red, white and pink – dry to sweet.

Have a nice week.

Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Thank you! I'm impressed! You could have a pretzel party with all different mustards for dipping. You know the really big doughy ones baked fresh and served warm? They are so good! I just remembered I have a new recipe for those...

vasilisa - Nothing ever really gets too disorganized in my house. I've always been this way, even when I was a kid.

My mom said that one time when I was really little, a friend came over and played in my room and messed it up and I couldn't go to sleep until it was cleaned up.

And another time my family and I were staying in a rented house for the summer and I was afraid of the curtains in my room. My mother said that she had to take them down, because I was so upset by them. She also admits that the curtains were hideous! : )

dezel - All the things in your fridge could be in mine too at any given time, except for the plums. And I would love to see a post with pictures of your wine fridge! Or did you do something like that before??
PunditMom said…
Boy, your fridge is WAAAAY neater than mine!
Lisa Johnson said…
pundit mom - There wasn't much in it and I needed to shop!

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