Monday, February 12, 2007

Want Some?

Check out the recipe here.

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Peter N said...

I'm glad I keep in shape, for my every visit here has ANOTHER food delight...the author is a delight, too!
Stay well...

Sanjay said...

Lol you bet.. the tiniest of slices please. Thanks

wheresmymind said...

Everybody wants some!

Sai said...

I definitely would like a tiny slice please. You are so talented Anali!

starry nights said...

Love to Anali.looks good.

amisha said...

yes please! :)
i made chocolate cake last night too... must be something in the air!

Jeseem said...

looks delicious.
ms. master chef

Asha said...

YES PLEASE!!! Did you bake that for V'day or do you hate that day too like many?! ;D
Better love than war,right?

Nance said...

such an easy recipe, but what size/kind of pan?

Lotus Reads said...

Irresistible! I'd love a slice please. I know what you mean about enjoying food scenes in books - I do too. "Chocolat", "Four Quarters of an Orange", "La Cucina"...have some great descriptions of food. There are many other titles too, but they just won't come to mind right now!

Mosilager said...

Yes! A big yes! It will tide us over nicely during the big blizzard that we are waiting for.

Karen said...

Your cake looks amazing! I'd love a slice. :)

Gunfighter said...

Yes, I do. That looks REALLLLLLY good!

Anali said...

peter n - Well, thank you! : )

sanjay - Enjoy, here's just a sliver!

wheresmymind - That's hilarious and so appropriate! I remember it!

sai - Here's a piece for you too! Plenty to go around!

starry nights - And here's a piece for you too! Chocolate is actually good for you, studies now show. : )

amisha - Yum! I'd like to try some of yours!

jeseem - Thanks! : )

asha - I baked it for my Valentine's Day post on BoomerGirl. I knew that it had to be something rich and chocolaty. I brought the cake in to work and shared it with my co-workers. They loved it! And I like Valentine's Day if I get flowers!

Anali said...

nance - Oh, sorry that wasn't clear! Just a regular round cake pan, like if you were going to make a two layer cake, but just use one of those pans.

lotus reads - And there is enough cake left for you too! I've never heard of "Four Quarters of an Orange" or "La Cucina." I'll have to check them out! Thanks!

mosilager - I guess you'll need some hot coffee to go with your cake too, so you can stay warm! I'm dreading this snow. We're supposed to get our first storm of the season tonight.

karen - Welcome! And enjoy your slice! I hope you like it! : )

gunfighter - This cake serves plenty, so here is some for you too!

Dezel said...

Hello Anali,

I though there would be a long listing of recipes; I might be able to make that one!

Looks very tasty and very appropriate for Valentines Day ; )


Peter N said...

I love Anali's food frenzy blog......that's you, A!!!

So Simple said...

Well look at you...God you have
been busy since I last got into your blog. This cake looks wonderful couldn't be easier. I will cook it for Staff lunch next week and let you know the verdict of young New Zealanders working in the Music TV industry.
I have had so much to catch up with you blog. Nice to be back.

Anali said...

dezel - Let me know if you try it!

peter n - Thanks!

so simple - So how is it being on dry land again? Looking forward to hearing how people liked it. Sounds like you have an exciting job!

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