No H2O

First all the madness with ice, now no water. This is so not the post I had planned for tonight. I worked a very long day and was all set to come home and relax and maybe do some baking. Last night there was very low water pressure and it continued this morning. But there was some water!!

Right now there is no water at all. I have some bottles of water and these containers that I filled with water last night, just in case there was nothing today. There was a water main break last night and they are still trying to fix it. I have my heat on really low, because it is steam heat from radiators. When all the water is gone from the hot water heater, there will be no heat. This is not good.


suttonhoo said…
oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! it's just going from bad to worse! stay warm. stay hydrated. hope things turn around soon and the water comes back on!
Sai said…
That does not sound good at all. Hope things turn around soon!
Lisa Johnson said…
suttonhoo - I awoke to heat and water this morning! Thank goodness!

sai - Things are back to normal again! Now to do my dirty dishes that are piled up from yesterday!
Asha said…
Oh Man!! Anali,when it rains it pours!!Looks like you are in big trouble specially without heat.Hope it gets fixed quickly.

Our water heater broke too,had sponge bath for a day with Microwaved water and got a new one installed yesterday.It was frustrating.
amisha said…
oh, dear... what a trying week! well i see from your comment above that they're back... thank goodness... hope you are warm and hydrated :)
starry said…
Anali..I am glad the water main was fixed and things are getting back to normal and you can stay warm.
Suldog said…
Oh, good for you! Glad to hear that it's all fixed. There's nothing we take for granted more than fresh running water, IMHO.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thankfully the heat didn't go off after all. I'm glad that your water heater is fixed! I realized how much I take running water for granted. It really is a modern luxury.

amisha - It certainly has been a rough week, but I think things are back on track now.

starry nights - Me too!

suldog - So true. I realized that my apartment was just an uninhabitable shell without water.
Mosilager said…
yeah we used have times back home where the water would just stop for 2-3 days... had to get water from friend's places who had borewells. we really take it for granted here.
Looks like things are back to normal. I need my heat and water!
hey girl *waving*
And about Girlfriends, it started at the weding reception so ou probably didn't miss much.
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - Wow, 2 or 3 days and I would have been a mess. I guess I would have gone to my parents and stayed there on day 2 and really had a bad commute to work. Luckily, it didn't come to that!

african girl, american world - Hey girl! Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to have things back to normal.

Oh good! I was wondering how I missed the whole wedding in just two minutes. I really love that show. I hope it doesn't go off the air at the end of the season. I was really annoyed when they canceled "Half & Half."
Jeseem said…
this is terrible.
hope they fixed it and u r back up warm and splashing in hot water
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - It's all fixed! However, I cannot honestly say that I am currently splashing around in hot water!! LOL! : )

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