Friday, February 2, 2007

Me & My Shadow

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, so we're going to have an early Spring! Yippee!

All this talk of shadows today, reminded me of a picture that I took this summer while I was at the beach. Here is the post.

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Asha said...

Hello giant woman!!:D:D

That photo is sooo cool.Next time I go to the beach,I will try that trick!Btw, what were you wearing there? A nun's habit?!! ;D

starry nights said...

Nice Pic. I am sure you are happy that spring is just around the corner.

Sanjay said...

Darn rat.. I love winter!! ;) just kidding.
lol @pic
Anyways that was one heck of an interesting way to make fish!
Thanks for the recipe.

Nance said...

I love this photo. It looks very something from the Pilgrims or a scene from The Crucible film. Nice.

Sai said...

Cool pic!
We have hardly had a winter this year so it doesn't matter if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not.

Anali said...

asha - LOL! It's funny how I look so tall here. I'm only 5'3" and that's rounding up! And I forgot what I was wearing. It does look funny doesn't it!

starry nights - I'm definitely looking forward to it!! It's so sunny and bright out today, but it's really cold.

sanjay - I'm glad you liked the recipe! : ) And it's going to be nice going to the beach again.

nance - Wow! Interesting! I didn't feel like a pilgrim when I took it! LOL! : )

sai - Thanks! You're right actually. It's cold now, but for the most part, it's been really warm.

PunditMom said...

YAY for early spring! I'm all for that!

Lotus Reads said...

I really,really like that picture, Anali, and oh, how I miss the beach!

Anali said...

pundit mom - I have noticed that it stays lighter later now. At 5:00 it's light now. Spring is coming!

lotus reads - Thank you! I miss it too!

Jac said...


In the pic, you look gigantic my cousin. I am joking.

The background sea is fantastic, a lovely pic.

Anali said...

jac - LOL! I do look gigantic! Glad you like the pic! ; )

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