Evolution Of A Cookie

I'm in the process of adapting a cookie recipe. This was the first run through.

To get what I want, I'm going to have to mess with the science. I'm taking the adapting to a whole new level. Forget Extreme Sports. This is Extreme Baking! Bring it on!

Oooops! Part of the cookie fell in my milk...


Sai said…
Hey Anali:
I envy your culinary enthusiasm! I am such a reluctant cook. By the way thanks for sharing the mahi-mahi recipe.
FH said…
Milk and cookies!What more do you need?!:D
Enjoy the Super Bowl!
Lisa Johnson said…
sai - Awww thanks! Glad you like the recipe!

asha - They are the best - old school style! I didn't watch the game, but I was watching the score online to see if I won in the work pool. I didn't... : (
Cecilia said…
hey great cooking info here...will sure be back ..keep postin..and havin fun tryin new recipes! :)
jac said…
You save a lot of time that way.
Let us call it as a cookie pickled in milk.
Shake it up as "Sharja Shake" and enjoy the drink.

*** Sharja Shake is the favorite drink in the gulf countries made with Banana and cold milk...spiced and iced.
Lotus Reads said…
Cookies and milk used to be my favorite bedtime snack. Great pics,Anali,those cookies sure look delicious!
karmic said…
Yum! Can I have some please? And what Lotus said about cookies and milk.
wheresmymind said…
Where are those napkins from???
Just found your blog! Always loved dunking cookies in milk but hated the crumbs. Now, I dunk them in my husband's milk. ;) Best of both worlds.

Susan from Food "Blogga"
Lisa Johnson said…
cecilia - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I went to your blog and saw the celebrity look-alike post and was inspired to try it again!

jac - The Sharja Shake sounds wonderful! I make a banana smoothie that is sort of similar, but without the spices. I'll add spices next time. Maybe I'll do a post about it!

lotus reads - I think we are all kids at heart and still love cookies and milk!

sanjay - If you finish your dinner, you can have some dessert! : )

wheresmymind - I bought them at the Museum of Fine Arts gift shop. They have some pretty cool stuff!

susan - Welcome! I'm glad you found me! LOL! Sounds like a great way to eliminate the crumbs. So what does your husband say? : )
Anonymous said…
These look reeeeally good!

I'm so afraid to start baking. I NEVER need to know how to create anything as easy to mix and make as baked sweets. NEVER.
Lisa Johnson said…
quel - Thank you! But I think everyone should bake! We all have a need for sweets every now and then and at least when you make it, you know what's in it. It's actually healthier and cheaper! And you get to lick the spoon! : )
jac said…
Try it, there is nothing to loose.

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