Did You Know???

I just learned that Grey's Anatomy has a blog called Grey Matter. The posts are by the show's writers, so you can give your feedback.

The latest post has over 3,000 comments! Click here.


Margie said…
I love Grey's Anatomy so much!!!!
My most favorite show on TV!
Thanks so much for sharing this blog with us here!
I have put it in my favorites, and will be reading it.
This is great!

And thank you so very much for keeping my brother in your prayers....that means a lot to me....btw....my brother's name is Charlie...
How is your mom doing?
Hope she is well now!
Take care!

Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - I couldn't believe how the last two shows have ended! The writers are SO amazing! This week is going to be quite a show. I was glad to see the old characters back in the end. They both are real cuties!

I'm thinking good thoughts for Charlie! My mom is doing much better, but her healing is going to take a while. Thank you for thinking of her! : )
Margie said…
So very glad to know your mom is doing better!
And, thanks so much for the good thoughts for Charlie...he is so close to my heart!
Yes, it will be quite a show this week...I cannot wait for it!

Lisa Johnson said…
Three more days! : )

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