Two Memes In One

I was tagged by Starry Nights to give Ten Things That Define My Style and I took up a tag from Lotus Reads to give Ten Things I Love That Begin With "L."

This might not be legal in the meme world, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm combining these two memes into one. I'm adding an extra, because I feel like it! So here are my eleven things that I love that begin with the letter "L" that also define my style.

1. Life - Without life, I would not be here. Life is short, unpredictable, beautiful, painful, and a million more things. I try to enjoy each day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. But life is not just about my life and experiences, it's also about other forms of life. I have many plants. I love that they are alive and grow and change. I think my apartment has a warm and cozy feeling because of them.

2. Laughter - We are very much alive when we laugh. We're in the moment and enjoying ourselves. The sound of laughter is wonderful. It's music to the ears and a balm for the soul. To make someone laugh feels wonderful and I feel a connection to people who can make me laugh. It feels like magic almost, because the way you feel is transformed from what it was to some higher and more wonderful level.

3. Love - I think love and laughter are very much related. We laugh more when we are in love. The love that I feel for others makes me feel more alive. Life can be very difficult. Without any love it would be unbearable. For me, the kindness and caring from family and friends who love me, sustains me and helps me to try and be a better person.

4. Learning - I love the process of learning something new. I feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment every time, even if it's only a little bit of HTML code!

5. Lighting - We can only see when there is light. And lighting adds a feeling or mood to a situation. The wrong lighting can ruin everything, but when it is nice and low, it can set hearts afire. I have candles all over my house and strings of tiny white Christmas tree lights. I love the ambiance when I light candles and only use the strings of lights.

6. Linens & Laundry - I love either flannel or high thread count cotton sheets, and huge fluffy towels. I use lavender and vanilla scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets and love the smell of my laundry when it's done.

7. Lofts - I would love to live in a loft condo. I love the big windows, high ceilings and wide open spaces. I like having the feeling of lots of air, like I can breathe big deep breaths and just relax.

8. Lunch - I love food and lunch is a meal! Lunch is a bit less intimate than dinner or breakfast. If you don't know someone well, you can have lunch. Having lunch with co-workers is a great way to get to know them a little better.

9. Lemons & Limes - I use these in so many different things - in hot tea, iced tea, to perk up a salad, fish, or chicken. They can even be used in some desserts. Plus they are beautiful to look at and the smell is clean and fresh.

10. Literature - I love to read! Books transform your thinking and take you to new places. Some of my earliest memories as a kid are of books that I loved.

11. Law - Law impacts every aspect our lives, whether it be that we have the right to blog, or the foods we are allowed to buy, to the medicines we want access to. The rule of law is all that guides our country. America was founded on the constitution and it's ideals. Take away that document and it's all gone. Everything.


Lotus Reads said…
Wow, these are such glorious responses, Anali! I share your beautiful views on life, love and laughter and like you, I am a lifelong learner and completely mad about literature! I have never really thought too much about lofts before, but after reading your description, I think I might like to live in one, too!

You've done a fantastic job with "L",thanks so much for playing and hmmmm, I notice you have listed 11 things instead of 10, you rebel you! ;)))

p.s. I'm sure you guessed why you got "L"! :)
FH said…
First of all, thank you for NOT tagging me!I am a little tired of doing these MeMes now that I have done 6 of them!

It's wonderful read your's though,great "L" responses!Have a great weekend Anali!:))
starry said…
Anali..I think you did a wonderful job with both tags combined into one.I love life ,love,laughter.I could not live without any of these.Have a good weekend.
Sai said…
Hey Anali:
Lovely post! You did a great job with it. Enjoyed reading it!
vasilisa said…
Great combination! I never really thought about how many good things start with "L". I mean love is the only obvious one that jumped at me, but as I was reading your list I felt like smacking my head with a "that's so obvious" smack...

Great post...
Keshi said…
Very nicely done Anali!

Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - I'm glad you like them and thanks for the letter! And I have a theory on why I got it! : )

asha - That reminds me that I didn't tag anyone! Oh well, I guess this tag ends with me unless, anyone out there would like to take this up!

starry nights - I'm glad this meets your approval! ; )

sai - Happy you enjoyed it!

vasilisa - "L" is a lovely letter! I must admit that I thought about these for a few days and made a list. I kept doing the "that's so obvious" thing too until I had all of them written down! Good thing I didn't try to do the list too fast. It would have been very sad. : )

keshi - Thank you!
karmic said…
Love the list. Esp 11, I think that one is being flagrantly violated like none other by this adminsitration. :)
wheresmymind said…
Flannel those totally take me back!
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - I agree. This administration does not respect the document and actually seems to harbor contempt against it.

wheresmymind - They are so comfy! One of the benefits of winter!
PunditMom said…
You are a meme queen -- two in one! Excellent responses, and I'm with you on the lemons and limes!
Lisa Johnson said…
punditmom - Why thank you! It was fun to do actually!
Lisa Johnson said…
kuan gung - Thank you!

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