My Blog Header!

As many of you can probably tell, my blog header is driving me nuts. I'm looking for the perfect picture, collage, etc. and have not found it. It's just not working.

Plus G just told me that my last picture, the slanted stack of chocolate-chip cookies looked really blurry and bad. So, I'm in the middle of writing an article, but I changed pictures and hope this looks more acceptable. Unfortunately this is all I can manage for now.

Does this picture make my blog look fat? It's after 2:00 in the morning and I'll probably regret this post with the light of day. Aaaargh!!!


karmic said…
LOL..Well if you used "equal/splenda" in the cookies, then your blog does not look fat. ;)
Asha said…
*Does this picture make my blog look fat?* HeHeHe!!!That's funny!

No! I don't mind little curves on the blog or on people.Looks great on both!Blog on lady!:))
wheresmymind said…
I think another header would be better for ya ;)
Anonymous said…
lol! I like looking at cookies, but I liked the last header as well. Love your blog no matter what header ya got ; )
PunditMom said…
Not fat, just right! ;)

I wish I could figure out how to change the header on my blog! You're way ahead of me!
Lotus Reads said…
I don't see a header at the moment, Anali, so I presume your blog's being undressed! ;)

Will come back later to see if it's presentable! :)
starry said…
Cannot see a header also.I love your blog whether the header is fat of thin.take care:)
Nance said…
anali--your header is...NAKED! I almost flagged your blog!!!!!!
Sai said…
Hey Anali:
Your blog looks normal and not aneroxic. It looks three-dimensional ;-)
Unknown said…
sanjay - Pure sugar!! Uh oh!

asha - I'm glad that my 2:00 am raving lunacy is at least amusing!!

wheresmymind - I'm trying to work on it and Blogger appears to be having problems tonight. I'll keep trying!

jennifer - Awww! You're so sweet - just like the cookies!

punditmom - Hee, hee, hee! : ) I have to hit my Blogger/HTML books to figure this out!

lotus reads - That is so weird! I have no idea what happened. Blogger is having issues again today. Please excuse the blog nudity! : )

starry nights - I'm glad that my blog has some unconditional love! Thank you!

nance - I guess my blog decided to break out and be wild and free! I'll try and calm it down!

sai - LOL! It's a good thing because me and my blog love to eat!
Keshi said…
choose another looks ehh...very green :)

Lisa Johnson said…
keshi - I actually like it! I love green! It's plain and simple and goes with my green text.

I'm sticking with this header for a while. But you can expect the photo on the right to change often!
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

The last header you had was very nice. You embody so many things I think you would have a difficult time making everything fit.

I think you just have to go with a theme of the month. But agreed, matters the header, we all enjoy your blog.

Happy Sipping!

Mosilager said…
d-oh I left a comment but must have got lost somewhere. I like the simpler headers without pictures myself.
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - I like the theme of the month idea. I have way too many things spinning around in my head to stick to one header for too long! I just learned some more HTML today, so there may be a few more changes soon.

mosilager - I do like the simplicity, but I may have to add a little something more...

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