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Finally, I have a real digital camera! For Christmas I received a Canon PowerShot A530. I'm just learning to use it, but this is one of my first photos. 2007 is going to be the year that I push my photography to a new level. Oh, the pictures I will take!

I don't normally have fresh pineapple in the house, but this week I do. And since pineapple is the universal symbol of hospitality, I thought it would be a nice picture to have on my blog. Isn't it a pretty fruit? And tasty too. I'm going to enjoy this.


vasilisa said…
Wow, the contrast is amazing... Looking forward to lots of great pictures :-)

Hope you having great holidays!
karmic said…
Yay @ getting the camera and the nic picture. Look forward to many more.
Lotus Reads said…
Anali, this is so exciting,I look forward to all your pictures!!! Being a daughter of the tropics, I love pineapple...pineapple and mango, mmmmm,they're favorites!
Sai said…
Anali, very nice picture! I love pineapples and I love pinacoladas too ;-)
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Anali! The photo looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with your new camera : )
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Looks tasty! I also have a PowerShot; great little camera.

Look forward to your pictures.

BTW....I keep mines on very low settings for these web pics, unless I plan on blowing them up. Might save you some space.

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
vasilisa - What a difference a few megapixels makes!

sanjay - I love this camera! I have learned though that I need to get a couple of accessories.

lotus reads - If all goes well tonight, there should be a new header on my blog tomorrow! I love them too. I think the pineapple is ripe. It may be my breakfast tomorrow.

sai - Thank you! Pinacoladas are the best!

jennifer - Happy New Year to you too! I need more time now to run around taking pictures!
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - I'm still learning about the settings. I don't know what setting I have mine on. I have to look. Should the battery be running low immediately?

I uploaded a few pictures and I have a flashing red battery light already. And I don't have a recharger. I think I need to get one and a bigger memory chip.
Jeseem said…
refreshing and tempting . but whenever i read ur blog, i get hungry :)
Anonymous said…
Such a gracious hostess! :)

Congrats on joining the digital camera owners club. Careful, it's addictive.
Suldog said…
Mmmmmm... Pineapple!

It sounds (and looks) as though you had a very merry Christmas. Good for you! I hope your New Year is very happy, also.
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - It's blogolicious!

quel - Why thank you! I'm sure it is addictive. I started taking a bunch of pictures and the only reason I stopped so quickly was because of the limits of my memory card!

suldog - Christmas was pretty good. Happy New Year to you too!
Anonymous said…
Now you need to discover the joys of Flickr addiction!

I've never bought a whole pineapple. I cheat and but the pack with 3 or 4 rings from the grocery store.
Mosilager said…
the powershots are nice...
i take the photos at max resolution and later make them smaller using photoshop (the gimp or paint is a free option) and upload to flickr.

I like to keep the highest resolution just in case I want to print out a big copy later on.

The powershots are nice, except everyone keeps teasing me that I got it solely because Kournikova is their brand ambassador.
Margie said…
Wishing you a wonderful new year, Anali!
I am sure you will have many wonderful pictures to share with your new camera!

We are snowed in here in Colorado...
more storms on the way!
Looks like a long winter ahead for us!
SOOOOO much snow!

Take care!

Lisa Johnson said…
karrie - I was already addicted to Flickr even with just my camera phone! I imagine it's only going to get worse!

mosilager - I think I'm using the highest resolution... I have to check. I do remember her commercials, when she hit like 50 million tennis balls!

samuru999 - Happy New Year to you too Margie! I think you're getting all the snow that we haven't gotten yet! I hope we don't get any this winter, but I guess that would be pretty unlikely.

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