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For my 100th blog post, and as a member of the recently formed Foodie’s Fan Club, I’d like to celebrate another blogger that many of us have come to admire and appreciate. This is for you Asha of Foodies Hope!

Lotus of Lotus Reads, saw my Halloween comment to you about giving you a blog award and suggested to me that if would be nice if we could actually award you in some way. I thought it was a great idea and many of us agreed. We came together, well virtually anyway, to form Foodie’s Fan Club to award you this button to post on your blog. Please email me to get the HTML code! And just because you don’t see some names here, please don’t assume they were not interested. We could not contact everyone. You have a lot of readers!

As faithful readers of your blog, we have all come to admire and appreciate your posts - the stories you share, the photos, and the recipes. Oh those recipes! You are an amazing writer, photographer, and cook. I think we all want to come to your house for a meal! And even though most of us have never actually met you, there is a genuine warmth, kindness, and sincerity to your posts and comments back to us that makes us all feel appreciated and welcomed.

Your posts rise to another level and have certainly raised the bar for all of us. There are a lot of great bloggers out there, but you are remarkable. And your Halloween Post! You took away our collective breath!

We think you’re awesome Asha! Thank you for all you do!

Foodie’s Fan Club Members
Ek Anjaan Ladki
Orhan Kahn
Rashmi Murugesh
Sai Speak
Susan in Italy


Lotus Reads said…
Hey Anali, this is a beautiful post! You have so aptly expressed everything I would have liked to have said to Asha, so thank you!

We both spent a lot of time on Asha's blog trying to gather names and e-mail addresses,so much so I thought Asha was going to smell a rat! (did you sense anything was up, Asha?) :)

Trying to get Asha's e-mail address to notify her about the award was the hardest part...Asha, I left you a comment trying to trick you into writing me, but you didn't fall for it! ;)

Anyway, many thanks to you Anali for being such an able and wonderful person to work with on this project and thank you Asha for putting together such a wonderful blog - not only do you treat us to those fabulous mouth-watering recipes but you are also such a gracious and charming hostess, it is a pleasure to visit your blog.
Pooja said…
Hi ,
Thanks for Informing me about this list of foodies fan club. though i wan in touch with lotusread- Anjali for this, I didn't had any idea about you.
Hey anjali, if you didnt have Asha's email id, you should have asked me for that , I have it :) .
this is really a nice post. thanks for both of yours effort in forming this foodies fan club.

Thanks for sharing this information too !
Nee said…
Hey Anali and Lotus,

This was a great idea, and thanks for putting it together!

Asha, what can I say, we all just love you, darlin'!

TNL said…
Great Job...! Ashaji deserves it and I am huge fan!! thanks for including me.

Susan in Italy said…
I'm a proud Foodie Fan and Asha, you're so warm and positive, it makes me happy to read your blog. Thank you so much Lotus and Anali for doing the work to organize this!
Asha said…
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!Sweet Anali,what have you done?!:D

You gals are something! Do I really deserve this?!I just blog about food!!

I am overwhelmed by all your affection and wishes ,specially today and I think I am going to bawl like a baby now, with happiness ofcourse! I don't know what else to say but a hug and a bigger thank you!

For once in my life,I am speechless!!

I thank everybody on that list and more.I love you all and may the best in life will touch your lives for each one you!!Hugs to you all.

I will humbly accept your button and proudly and gratefully display it in my blog:)

Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - We did it! Thank you for being such a fun co-conspirator!

pooja - You're welcome!

nee - I'm so glad you like it!

trupti - Thank you and you're quite welcome!

susan in italy - Asha is amazing and thank you for being part of the fan club!

ASHA!!!!!!!! - Just blog about food??!! I read a lot of food blogs, but you really do have a special way of presenting things and just being.

There is a definite good feeling on your blog. I'm so glad that you like the award. You are quite welcome!! : )
Sai said…
What a wonderful post! You have eloquently echoed my thoughts.
Lisa Johnson said…
I just realized that I forgot to welcome several new people to my blog. How rude of me! So sorry. I got caught up in all the excitement.

pooja - Welcome!

nee - I think you might have stopped by before, but welcome again if not!

trupti - Welcome!

susan in italy - Welcome!

sai - Welcome! I'm so glad you like it.
Margie said…
How sweet!
I love this post Anali!
You are a sweet is Asha!
I do love Asha's blog!

Have a great day!

ChrisB said…
Hi This is wonderful tribute to Asha. I have been a regular reader/fan of hers since I started to blog in Sept and so has my daughter( Beccy).
jac said…
men are out witted, anali.
thought some kind of lib movement.LOL

Congrats to Asha !

kudos to anali for the initiative.
So So Simple said…

What a wonderful tribute to Asha I have blogged on and love her blog.
How does one become a member of your Foodie's Fan Club? it sounds a lot of fun.

Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - Thanks Margie! You have a great day too!

chrisb - Welcome! I'm glad so many people have responded.

jac - Thank you! But there are some men on the list too! : )

so simple - Thank you, but it was just a one time thing to give the award.
karmic said…
Lovely post. I e-mailed you her address, but did not realize that she has already read this post. Oy!
vasilisa said…
I love Asha's blog! She's the most inspirational cook out there (and she's funny too...)
Anne Bucoy said…
that is so sweet of u anali..
take care then..
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - Welcome! I love the post that you put on your blog too!

vasilisa - I certainly agree!

anne bucoy - Thanks and you take care too!
Shionge said…
What can I say folks :P...I wanna be part of this club too.

Let's all embrace new friendship through blogging :D You are the best Asha!
Shionge said…
And You too Anali for taking the initiative on sweet!
Asha said…
Thank you my blog friends!I thank all of you for your support and affection.

Anali, you really made my day on my 20th wedding Anniversary although you didn't know about it!I greatly appreciate it,I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear the whole day!

Thank you my friend.
Lisa Johnson said…
shionge - Welcome! I agree. Blog friends are pretty cool!

asha - You're welcome! It's pretty amazing how the timing worked out. This had been in the works for about a month. I had no idea! : )

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