Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unexpected Art

I was driving today in Jamaica Plain or JP as it's known around here. It's a section of Boston with really cool shops, restaurants, and some pretty nice homes too.

At the corner, where South Huntington Avenue turns into Centre Street, there is a flower shop with a beautiful mural on the side. I stopped my car, got out and took some pictures. See weird trait Number 1 below.

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something from me said...

Hey babe,

Whats all this tagging?

Did you read my page 32?

I've said this before, but no harm to say it again. I really like the look of your site. Any tips?

You seem to get a good steady readership. What is the secret? You can tell me. I promise to keep it.


Anali said...

something from me - The tagging is kind of cool huh? It's a fun way to learn new things about people. I'm glad you like the look. It has come a long way from the beginning.

What changes do you want to make to yours? I visit a lot of blogs and make comments. Sometimes people come to mine and comment too and if they like it, they come back. But sometimes they don't.

wheresmymind said...

I saw that the other week for the first time and thought it was pretty coolio as well!

Foodie's Hope said...

Very cool Art !! Beautiful, somebody is talented!

Happy Thanksgiving!:)

vasilisa said...

These are really lovely. I wish we had more of that around, instead of graffiti...

Jeseem said...

if only all walls were as colorful as these.

something from me said...

Ok, but what does tagging do? And how do you do it?

Particularly, I want to improve the blog visually. You know they say you can't judge a book by it's cover? Well I don't believe it.

I think the cover is very important, next to page 32 of course.

Anali said...

wheresmymind - I just found out that it's been there for a long time. I've been in that area dozens of times. I don't know why it suddenly struck me.

foodies's hope - Glad you like it! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

vasilisa - I wish there were more murals too. Maybe I just haven't been noticing them? I'll have to look around and take some more photos.

jeseem - I completely agree!

something from me - Send me an email and we can discuss.

samuru999 said...

Very pretty!
I love it!
Thanks for sharing it!


Anali said...

samuru999 - You're welcome! Take care Margie! I hope you are feeling better.

Lotus Reads said...

Ohhhh, thanks for capturing this mural, it's lovely! We don't have too many in Toronto, atleast I haven't come across any, but Quebec has some cool ones - I can spend hours studying them, they seem to have so much detail!

Dezel said...

Hello Anali,

Very nice, you have a good set of eyes for spotting things. It reminds me of the little wood nymph who was one of the subjects of my teenage poetry. The wood nymph that used to run through the forest of trees, the enchanting and mystical forest without any leaves.

Happy Sipping!


Francine said...

Those are beautiful! Thanks for dropping by Callaloo Soup! :)

Wave Maker said...

Anali, thanks for visiting and I appreciate your comment.

Street murals are outstanding. Have you seen the work the guy does on the sidewalks?? THIS is amazing:

Wave Maker said...

Here's a better link with more photos of Julian Beaver's work.

Anali said...

lotus reads - See why I had to stop? : )

dezel - I love the rhyme and the idea of the wood nymph! That IS the kind of magic that I saw and felt when I took the picture!

francine - Welcome! And thank you!

wave maker - Thanks for stopping by!

Wow!!! Those street murals are incredible. I've never seen anything like that before!

jac said...

It is not weird, Anali !

Its lovely cousin.

Anali said...

jac - Thanks cousin!

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