Friday, November 10, 2006

Better In Beta ... Hopefully

I just upgraded to Blogger Beta. It seems easier so far, but I did have to change a few things that didn't transfer over correctly.

Some comments where there were names before, now show up as Anonymous. I'm not sure why that happened. It may continue to happen, so please let me know if you use your name and it changes.

I'm also going to try and start using labels. I'm not sure how it will work, but lately I'm feeling that change is good.

*Updated Nov. 11, 2006*
I added labels to all my old posts and they had to be republished in order to save. I think that Feedburner thought they were new posts and sent these old posts out to the subscribers. Sorry about that! Another Beta issue.

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vasilisa said...

Please keep us posted how you like it. I'm considering switching over, but am too chicken at this point...

suttonhoo said...

interesting about the comments -- I noticed that one of mine went anon, so I'm posting this to see if it takes. I suspect it has something to do with whether the poster is on blogger beta too -- I switched over a while back -- would be curious to see if my beta comments went anon, and my earlier comments stayed as is.

here goes...

p.s. I wanna know how you restored your header -- I still haven't figured it out (granted: I haven't spent a whole lot of time trying).

Anali said...

vasilisa - So far I would recommend it. Publishing is much quicker and there are more options available.

suttonhoo - Your name came through here, so maybe it is okay now. My header transferred over, so unfortunately I can't help with the restoration.

annulla said...

I've been considering switching but I'm not yet convinced that it is the right thing to do. I'm in a wait and see mode right now.

Anali said...

annulla - Welcome! I guess it can't hurt to wait. I did find that I was having problems uploading photos in the old version.

When I would see the Blogger updates, they acknowledged the problem and said that it didn't apply to the Beta version.

Nance said...

glad you're being the guinea pig for us chickens with the beta version. i'll wait a bit and see how you're doing before i decide. i'm still tweaking my blog here and there, figuring out sidebar content, etc.

i'm not much of a computer geek, and the fact that i can do a simple html href line still amazes me! lol

Anali said...

nance - It's kind of scary to switch, but so far I'm having way less publishing problems. I'm amazed that I'm doing all this HTML stuff as well. I even bought two books! : )

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