9 Weirdo Traits Tag

I was tagged by Lisa at That's Empress To You. Here you go!

1. If I’m driving and I see something really interesting and I have the time, I’ll pull over, get out and take a picture. If I can’t stop, I’ll try and take a picture while stopped at a light. Not sure how weird it is, but maybe it’s a bit unusual. See the pictures above. I couldn't help myself!

2. Before I buy a random book that I’ve never heard of before, or take a random book out of the library, I turn to page 32 or somewhere near it and read to see if I’m interested. I figure by page 32 it should be interesting. If not, then I won’t get it.

3. I’m big on texture with food. If it doesn’t feel right, I can’t eat it. I only eat really crunch cereal that will hold up in milk. I can’t do corn flakes. It feels too disgusting after it is soggy. However, if it starts out soggy, like oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, that’s fine. Also I love pudding! I like the taste of corn, but I tend to not eat in on the cob, because it feels weird in my teeth.

4. During the summer, I‘ll do everything in my power to never leave the house without painting my toenails. If I have to, it pains me to do so. It happened twice, when I had to do laundry. I felt horrible.

5. I always keep a running food list on my refrigerator, so when I think of something I can add it. If I don’t write it down, I‘ll forget it within ten minutes.

6. I love it when I can bang a Uey in the Bug! It’s so smooth!

7. I’m always wondering why people are out during random times of the day or night. I mean don’t they have something more important they should be doing? But I know that I’m out at the same random time and they are probably thinking the same thing about me. One time I was in CVS around 2:00 in the morning and there were all these people. I mean why were they there??!!

8. I hate clutter. I love to throw things away or give them away and usually don’t regret it. I feel like I’m making space for something new. This is for things like clothes I don’t wear, books I will never refer to again and there is no sentimental value. When people come over to eat, I’ll give them leftovers in my plastic containers. It makes it more convenient for them and then I’ll just get new ones. These are the cheap ones, not Tupperware or anything.

9. On the other hand, I’m quite sentimental. I think I have every birthday card from my entire life. My mom saved all the ones from when I was kid and gave them to me.

*Edited* - I just realized that initially I forgot to pass on the tag! I tag Gunfighter and Jennifer and anyone else who would like to be tagged.

Jennifer - I just saw that you will be away for a bit, but hopefully you can still do it. Have a great trip to NC and I hope you can get your knitting kneedles on board!


CVS at 2AM is guaranteed to make you weird. If you weren't already. Actually, though, your weirdness makes uncommon sense: page 32 is definitely a good time to decide, and giving away food you're not going to eat makes a lot of sense. But what in God's name is Uey in the Bug?
Lisa Johnson said…
lokuhn - Welcome! LOL! A "uey" is a U-turn and "the Bug" is my car. I have a new Beetle. : )
I don't know why I logged in as lokuhn instead of Lisa. A slip of the hand I guess. But it's just tired old me.
Nance said…
anali--i'm giggling about #7. my dad used to get irritated about traffic on sundays. he'd look at my mother and grumble, "what the hell are all these people doing on the road on a sunday?" my mother would say, "but YOU'RE out here on sunday!" and he'd say, "that's different. i HAVE to be."
Lisa Johnson said…
lokuhn/Lisa - LOL!

nance - I guess we all are pretty much thinking the same things. : )
Lotus Reads said…
What a great meme, Anali! I love that bit about you turning to page 32 or thereabouts to see if you might like a book or not! That's deliciously weird and I love it! :)))

I'm like you when it comes to clutter - if it is serving no purpose, out it goes! And that food list on the fridge is something I should do, I go totally blank when I enter a food market!
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Thank you! I'm glad my weirdness is delicious! : )
jac said…
A tag done beautifully

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