6 in the Senate & 15 in the House

That's what we need to make a change in this country.

I just voted. Have you?


Margie said…
All done voting!
Tonight, I shall be on pins and needles!
Just waiting for the results!

Anonymous said…
I have been in the office since 0530 this morning, Anali... I'll be heading out the door in a matter of minutes to go vote.

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Nance said…
anali--have been hugging voters all day, thanking them. am now waiting for my new voter son to come home from work so that we can go vote together. let's hope that our party has reason to party.
che said…
i'll stay up late to watch the results of the election . hope the democrats wrest control of the 2 houses from the republicans.
Mosilager said…
I think it's better for the USA and the rest of the world if the democrats gain control... hopefully.
Margie said…
Just saw Patrick won there!

So So Simple said…
HI guys
How's the election going. I just heard on the radio that Ohio has just got a Democrat Governor first one for years.

You might just get your wish Anali for a new govenment.

Will be listening and watching. It is 3.59pm here it will be midnight for you are you still up?

Oh you only need 3 more new seats to win the senate wow.
Dezel Quillen said…
I did vote, and this VA count is too close for comfort. Less than two months ago it was said to be a run-away for Allen. Hopefully voters saw things correctly in the end : )

Congrats on D.Patrick : )

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - I was on pins and needles all day too!

gunfighter - Wow, you had an early start to your day! I think Webb might have won. I hope so!

nance - Our party has a reason to party!! : )

nike - It's 1:00 am and I guess the Senate isn't decided yet, but we got the House back!

mosilager - I agree. Maybe we can start a sane foreign policy now.

wheresmymind - Excellent!

so simple - These last three races might end up being contested. I think they are really close.

dezel - I last heard that Allen was running ahead by 700 something votes. I hope things are different when I wake up tomorrow.

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