That Time Of The Year

There comes a time in fall, when it is very clear to me that there is no turning back. At least for a while. The weather is chilly now, will turn colder, and will get downright frosty before it gets warm again.

That time has come. It has to do with turning on the heat every day. Seeing all the sparkled gold, deep red and dazzling orange leaves swirling about in the wind. Walking outside and noticing the sweet smell of burning wood, because at least one person has their fireplace or wood burning stove going. Changing my closet from summer to winter. Cleaning all my wool blankets and putting them back on my bed with warm flannel sheets. Oh, and the end of Daylight Savings Time! That's a big one and happening next week.

But for me, one of the surest signs of cold weather is the change of food. Buying apple cider and warming it up with cinnamon sticks. I go to the grocery store and my mindset has changed. I'm buying canned pumpkin to make pumpkin bread or muffins. I buy yeast to bake bread. And the biggest change of all..

I switch from cold cereal to warm cereal. No more buying granola cereal and using cold milk. This morning, I officially ate my last cold cereal until late Spring. Now it's time for oatmeal, and in my case the store brand of Cream of Wheat, "Creamy Wheat", and maybe some grits for a treat. Yes, I've made the switch and there is no turning back.


Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

I see you are well stocked and ready for the cooler temps. Its still decent out this way, slightly cooler however, and I look forward to taking in the fall foliage.

Funny you mention grits, I am from the South, and have never met so many people that never heard of, or disliked grits.
Grits was served almost daily with eggs and fresh sausage when I was a little lad. Maybe this weekend I will find myself some grits!

Happy Sipping!

Nance said…
Aren't you so tired of waking up in the dark, Anali? I can't wait for the time change! And my boys went apple-picking last weekend, so we'll be using apples for lots of cooking here, another sure sign of fall. We already had snow here last week--it didn't stick, but it was definitely coming down. Earlier than usual, and not very welcome.
PS--Did some sprucing up at The Dept. Added you to the list.
Mosilager said…
I know what you mean about turning on the heat - I'd rather run around in a jacket at home than psychologically admit that winter is here! Eventually though it just gets too cold.
che said…
the surest sign of fall for me is the new tv shows , enuff watching replays .

the surest sign of fall is the start of the new nba season. no more watching last year's championship.

the surest sign of fall is less ironing of clothes . just flatten the collar of your shirt and wear a jacket or sweater over the shirt , it's ok .

oh how i love this season !
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - I can see maybe never having tasted grits, but to never have heard of them, that seems very unusual and I'm way up North! Do you like yours with cheese?

nance - The darkness makes the cold even worse. Apple picking is fun. I haven't done that in a while, but I did buy some apples at a farmer's market.

I hope we don't get any snow until December 24th. We can get a dusting for the kids. I can accept that. : ) And thanks for the link!

mosilager - It really is a big psychological adjustment. I've been in this state my whole life and always thought eventually the cold wouldn't bother me as much. It still hasn't happened...

nike - You're right! The new fall TV season is a big one. I can't believe I didn't mention it!
Anonymous said…
The turning of this particular season for me is always marked by making soup... Which I did over the weekend... and it was gooooood!
Lisa Johnson said…
gunfighter - Yes! the soup making is definitely a big turning point. Can't believe I missed that too! What kind of soup did you make?

I remembered another fall favorite - roasted vegetables! Yesterday, I roasted eggplant, sweet poatoes and onions! Yum!
Jeseem said…
goodbye summer, *sigh*
u gav me good time, but it is now time to chill
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - Double "sigh" right back at you!

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