Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Subway Stories: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Do you really want to make me cry? I must have sung these words a million times. Back in college, I was crazy about the Boy.

But times have changed. The Boy has been doing community service and I'm wondering why my fellow T riders are oblivious to practically wounding me with their newspapers.

Everyone has had a paper cut. Sure it's little, but hurts like hell and often bleeds all over the place. I don't want one if I can avoid it. Tonight riding home from work, a man sitting next to me felt the need to open his newspaper very wide and rest it on my hand. Again, I do not want a paper cut. I moved my hand away and glared at him. He moved the paper.

This has happened before. Why do people feel it is okay to rest their paper on my body? One time, I actually said to the man, "Could you please move your paper so it doesn't cut me?" He glared at me. What is wrong with people?

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vasilisa said...

Sometimes I think subway brings out the worst in people. Like when you free your seat for an elderly person, and some young dude, fully convinced he's the coolest thing since sliced bread, jumps in. Just to prove how agile he is...

wheresmymind said...

I hate it when people put their paper on the back of my head :Z

Anonymous said...

Why do people do it?

The answer is simple, really. They do it because they are inconsiderate assholes.

Nance said...

Most people fail to realize that the world is not their living room. For further proof, try going to see a movie.

Mosilager said...

So odd! In India when someone opens up a newspaper on the bus or train their neighbours will read the articles over their shoulder, and ask for the pages that they've finished reading... maybe that'll work in your case... "if you're gonna rest your paper on my hand then I better get the main page now."

Jeseem said...
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Jeseem said...

well i guess most people don't realize that.

Anali said...

vasilisa - It does often bring out the worst. I admit to pushing my way out of the train when people won't let me out before they get on. I hate that! Then I feel like a mean person. : (

wheresmymind - I can't think of another place where people feel so free to use other people's bodies for their own convenience. Ewwwwww! That sounds really wrong doesn't it?

gunfighter - I think you nailed it.

nance - That is why I prefer to rent DVDs and watch at home. People are pretty obnoxious in the movie theaters.

mosilager - People do that here too, but I was already reading a book and his newspaper wasn't in English or French, so it wouldn't have helped me.

jeseem - I just don't know...

starry nights said...

I think they are just inconsiderate and think they own the whole place.

nike said...

watch out for men with newspapers then or you might die of a thousand cuts !
i don't realise that newspaper cause cuts . i always read when i'm in a train.
time to switch to tabloids , i guess !

Dezel said...

Hello Anali,

I think most people just do not realize what they are doing. Paper cuts are reality, but most people probably don’t see the harm, or they just might have never had a paper cut themselves.

I think if you had your own paper you could guard your space better. Do wish you a good weekend and no more paper cuts!

BTW, the light show in Boston made the news here. Awesome!!!

Happy Sipping!


Anali said...

starry nights - That's what I've assumed too.

nike & dezel - I guess it's possible that people aren't aware or don't think about it. It just seems to me that paper cuts are pretty much a fact of life that everyone has experienced. If there is paper, it can cut you.

The only thing is that I have told someone to make them aware, but they didn't seem to care!!

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