Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good Parking Karma

I drove into work today, so I could bring my flowers home without the hastle of the T. I found a metered space pretty easily and it was out of order. I didn't feed it and figured I'd check back later. When I came back to my car, the meter was suddenly fixed and I had a ticket stating that the meter fee was unpaid.

When I got back to my office, I looked at the ticket a little more closely. Boston's Parking Violations are different now. I'm not sure when the change happened, because luckily I very rarely get parking tickets. They used to be written out by hand. Now I think they type the relevant information into a little computer and then print out the violation. It appears that the meter person made a mistake when they put in my car information. The information on the ticket does not refer to my car.

I should not have received the ticket in the first place and was going to appeal it to the city. But now, I don't think they can trace the ticket back to me. I've always told people that I have good parking karma. I can always find a good parking space. And now this. I think the situation may have resolved itself. Has this ever happened to anyone?

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avila said...

on 'My favourite things' and 'Daisies and Carnivals'...

flowers. love flowers. i wish i know all the name. of the flowers.

blog hopper, me. your blog is interesting. =)

Anali said...

avila samuel - Thanks for coming by! I'll add your contribution to the Carnival. I'm not sure what you mean by blog hopper...

avila said...

=D blog hopper...hopping from one blog to another...haha. i was doing blog hopping then i came across you blog

suttonhoo said...

love that you planned your day around getting some flowers home -- shows that you have your priorities straight. ;)

I'm wondering if the ticket referred to a car parked near yours -- if so, that guys parking karma's gonna go all haywire if the ticket isn't resolved. :(

Lyss said...

doesn't wrong info invalidate the ticket?

wheresmymind said...

Some person had to have parked near you and put the ticket on the car figuring you wouldn't pay attention to the info...little did he know you are a lawyer muahahah!

Anali said...

avila - LOL! I see now! : )

suttonhoo - Oh, that's so funny!! I guess I did plan my day around it! But I can tell it's for my car. It's my plate number, but they made a typo.

lyss - Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you 100%. They put the wrong information in and I should not have gotten the ticket in the first place!

wheresmymind - I can tell that they intended to put it on my car, but technically it's not my plate number. I asked some co-workers what they thought and they said just to ignore it, that it is invalid. Also, someone said that they way they entered it, nobody's plate number would come up.

If I want to get all pie in the sky, maybe the meter person did it on purpose knowing that they had to write the ticket, but they didn't want me to actually have to pay the ticket. Or if I want to come back to reality, maybe they just typed it in wrong.

starry nights said...

I think she made a mistake. I consider it a blessing in the market place.just say thank you and dont park there again.

never been blessed like that.have not got too many parking tickets, maybe a couple when I was in school.

samuru999 said...

Good parking karma... indeed!
Have a nice weekend!


Dezel said...

The little parking Angels were looking out for you : ) late Birthday gift (lol).

Have a great weekend and Happy Sipping!


Anali said...

starry nights - It's a blessing indeed! I may appeal it though. I'm still not sure, but I hate to leave things hanging. I prefer to confront and resolve situations. Also, I could blog about the appeal!

samuru999 - You have great weekend too!

dezel - I think you're right about the angels. Wait until you see my next post! Enjoy your weekend too!

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