The Flack About Flip-Flops

I know this is completely random fashion story, but I cannot resist the current American cultural phenomenon which is the flip-flop. What can I say? I love them! This is my favorite pair. I love the design. They are comfortable, and I bought them on a whim for only $4.99 while shopping at CVS. It doesn't get much better than that! Plus, they go with my red Bisadora bike messenger bag that I'm usually not without.

The news is rife with stories about the flip-flop. Today Yahoo! has a story about how wearing flip-flops to work could damage your career. A few days ago, The New York Times ran a story about the flip-flop going Hollywood. A Washington Post story reported on a school board's vain attempt to ban flip-flops from school.

Now me, you know I'm all about the flip-flops. But I do think they have their time and place. I don't wear them to work during the week. My office is super casual, but I try not to push the limits of fashion too far. When I work on the weekends, it's all fair game though. What about you?


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