Part II

This evening on my way home, I went downstairs to the Red Line at Park Street station. As I was waiting for the train, maybe four young black kids and one white or Hispanic kid, all about 15 years old, noisily walked past me on the platform to the far left side. Then they came running back yelling and screaming. The one in the back was saying the N word repeatedly. I hate that word and I’m not going to use it. “N’s I’m going to kill you N’s.” As he passes me yelling and screaming, I noticed that he was brandishing a machete, about 6 inches long. I just tried to stay still and not get stabbed.

One of the kids jumped down onto the tracks to get away from him, so he chased the other kids. They ran back and forth again, still screaming and still brandishing the machete. The same kid jumped out of the tracks and luckily no train was coming. He jumped back in to avoid the kid again. I started thinking that this could end badly and I needed to get away from there, forget the train. If one had a machete, probably at least one had a gun.

Everyone seemed to be standing there stunned. I quietly walked upstairs to the Green Line. I tried to find a T official, but didn’t see anyone in the station. I walked around a bit, then saw someone walking into the booth closest to the main exit. He closed the door and I walked up and started knocking on it. He opened it and I told him about the guy with the machete downstairs. He said that he already called the police, then closed the door. Real nice.

I stayed upstairs and saw some of the kids who had been chased. They ran upstairs then out of the train station. Now there was a small crowd of us waiting upstairs near the entrance to the Red Line – too afraid to go back downstairs and risk injury or worse. One of the kids standing in this crowd said that one of the kids had a gun. Then he said that they caught the kid. I don’t know how he was getting this information. Maybe text messages from someone downstairs? Anyway, we started walking downstairs and the kid was being led upstairs in handcuffs – sans machete, by two police officers.

I didn’t realize how scared I was until I was sitting on the train and realized I was clutching my bag tightly. I was too distracted to read. I had enough real intrigue for one night.


SgtMajor said…
what a story
kids with gun?
crazy world....
I will be afraid too if im in your position.

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