Forget the critics. I liked it.


If you read one of my previous posts, you know that I was reading "The Da Vinci Code" again to get ready for the movie. I saw it Saturday night and really enjoyed myself. After reading the horrible reviews, I thought it might be torture sitting through two and a half hours of stupidity. I think if you liked the book, you will enjoy the movie. The only thing that was a bit off was Silas. In my head, he was this really scary beast of a person. In the movie, not so scary.

And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of the Louvre from my very own private collection. In the process, I just found out that my scanner does indeed work. This is a picture from when I treated myself to a trip to Paris. Way back in the last century, 1994, I was applying to law schools. I decided that if I didn't get in anywhere, this trip would be a consolation prize. If I did get in, then it would be my celebratory trip. Either way, I was going! Paris is a beautiful city and I hope to return some day. But for now, memories...


Hi Anali,
Thanks for taking a look at my blog, and for the positive comments, I hope you will pop by again soon. I update most days.

I liked yours too. Glad you enjoyed the film. I liked some of your subway stories too.

Yes you should come back to Paris. I was there last summer. It's a beautiful city. Ever been to London?

Unknown said…
The Da Vinci code movie is really controversial. The church hates it even some countries try to ban it from ever entering their turf, and that includes the philippines. Some charismatic groups tried to stop its screening, i don't know why they are making such scandalous public demonstartions against the film. Don't they know that the more they blatantly and vocally go against it, the more people would be intrigued and go watch it?
Thanks for commenting again in my blog.

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